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  1. My friend made an animation based on the events that happened on the NewDoom forums...here it is. If it isn't appropiate, I will remove it.

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    2. kain


      just hack the websight. lol. put in a redirect to scatlovers.com

    3. dsm


      Julian said:

      As an example of what not to do. It is so unfunny it's amazing. You know, that's because we like people to see what not to do that there's a post hell around here ;)

      Then why is this not in Hell? Pardon me for asking, but I do really think it seems more appropriate there where Members can't reply to it to make .... a mountain out of a molehill. Either that or it'd be suitable to close it imho.

    4. Julian


      All right, all right. I'll close this thing.