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  1. Well, I just came back from walking to Subway for lunch/dinner. When I was almost there, I passed some late teens/early 20s guys (3 I think). While passing by, one of the guys called towards me "Hey GiJoe, I want some gas" which was probably referring because I was wearing urban camo shorts. While almost out of one of the guy's voice distance, they kept calling me for some reason. I said to myself "What the fuck..." and when I heard the same guy try and piss me off with verbal insults or something , I turned around and gave them the finger and proceeded to Subway after they all were out of speaking/yelling range. They were waiting on a red light so they couldn't follow and bother me.

    I had myself a footlong sweet onion chicken teriyaki on italian herbs and cheese bread along with a 20 ounce cup of Dr. Pepper and a small bag of harvest chedder flavored Sun Chips while at Subway. All this costed me $7.49 out of the $8 I had with me.

    On the way back and almost home, something green and crumbled up on the concrete caught my attention. It was a $20 bill, so strangly I said "woot woot" lowly for excitement or something. I got home and told my mother I found 20 bucks on the ground. I put the $20 in my glass money jar in my desk, then proceeded to write this blog.

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    2. goaxis


      mmm chicken teryaki

      I bought a CD case binder thing recently and gave the cashier a $20 but got change for a $50

    3. Sephiroth


      yea i have done that many a time. even better when cd's are $1 US each. no sure if they are stolen or were at some point. but u can find alot of things, cheap in albania. yes includeing weapons

    4. insertwackynamehere


      Once again I must post a link to one of my most convenient webpages.