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  1. Ok, I just got a message from him this morning saying he banned me from his contact list. WTF?? I ididn't do anything to piss him off.

    Jive said:9/14/2003 12:41:26 PM Jean-Yves Delpech (aka Jive) to Chrisdragon / Mr. Chris you are banned from my MSN! bye bye!!! :@

    Mr. Chris said:
    9/14/2003 12:41:37 PM Chrisdragon / Mr. Chris to Jean-Yves Delpech (aka Jive) ????????

    What would give him such intentions to do this?

    Jive: What the hell did I do to piss you off, this was without warning and unexpected. Please respond.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Let's all make maps of our high schools! We can send pictures of our teachers to Scuba Steve to make sprites of them! ^_______^ kekekeke

    3. DarkWolf


      I the anti-phoebus thing has been done before.

    4. Ralphis