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  1. Well, I just heard this morning my brother got beat up by his ex-gf/best friend's older brother, who serves in the military. The worst thing of it all, as it was unprovoked! I'm really angry right now at Stephanie's (Thomas's ex-gf and friend) older brother.

    I mean what the fuck, that's so wrong to hurt someone on their birthday, I would have tried to defend him if I were there with him when it happened last night.

    Tom's AIM away message is: "A sucker punch is always the best way to end your birthday. Fuck you CJ."

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    2. Alientank


      I didn't read through clearly, and didn't see he was the ex's older brother. Why would you send your older brother to beat up the new boyfriend? Obviously the ex is a pussy and the older brother is a mindless brainless goon.

    3. Danarchy


      Mr. Chris said:

      What's that german phrase you said mean in english btw?

      Something about always biting back.

    4. Bucket


      The problem is that the brother can get sent to jail for doing that. Anyone in the US with military training is thought of as trained to kill, so beating someone up is legally akin to "assault with a deadly weapon". If the birthday boy is so inclined, he can get a hefty sum... of course, that also means losing a friendship-- but if she's also his ex, I'm pretty sure he's explored all areas of that relationship.