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  1. Let's point out some of the good and bad things that have happened this year...

    -Obama elected as first (or second) mixed race president in US history
    -My 27th birthday
    -Got interested in airsoft
    -Average Christmas
    -The Healthcare thing
    -Going to a New Year's meet this afternoon and staying over the night!
    -New desktop!
    -Interest in Dead Space, Team Fortress 2 and Torchlight
    -Lots of interesting new music purchased and "acquired"

    -Dad's job loss
    -Feeling like crap shortly after the above
    -Two cats dying in December
    -We're still still stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan
    -Country is 12 TRILLION in debt
    -Too much bullshit/strife in government between Dems and GOP

    See you all in 2010!

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    2. deathbringer


      -Got a new girlfriend, after about 5 years of short-lived, bullshit "relationships" (and the one before that 5 year period was pretty shitty too).
      -Graduated. 2:2 but considering i was planning on dropping out "tomorrow" through the entire course right up until the day before the last exam (seriously), it's amazing i finished at all.
      -Download Festival 2009, awesome. Got a cold on the Sunday and missed a ton of classic bands, though. But it was still incredible.
      -First proper foreign holiday, to Japan no less (as that's where the girlfriend is from - free hotel!)
      -Finally started learning a foreign language in earnest after making new years resolutions to do so for, liek, ever. (I did start learning it in July though)
      -Got a job pretty quickly after graduation, i was expecting it to take ages.
      -The job is pretty good too. The pay isn't amazing but i work with great people and i'm not over worked.
      -Got some brilliant bargains in my other hobby (collecting antique story-papers). I got volume 1 of Chums from 1892-3, in amazing condition, for about £25!
      -Top Gear was chosen as the best TV show of the decade. TOP GEAR! brilliant!
      -Proper snow! It's fairly rare around my way and usually melts away within a day.

      -Getting a girlfriend did screw up another promising relationship, you win some, you lose some.
      -My main hobby (making comics) was terribly neglected. I've done maybe 4 pages in the whole year. I wasn't even able to go to the one convention i like to regularly go to.
      -Wanted to go to another, small metal festival called Damnation, however it was late in the year, sneaked up on me, and sold out.
      -Learning another language is really hard like.
      -Spent £150 on a 3D game-making engine called Unity, they then released the next version - for £0! And i must have just been over the refund cut-off date. Not really learned how to use the engine or make models at all either, it's just sat on my hard drive.
      -No decent storms
      -Wasn't able to get the Mini out over the summer, well i had just finished uni and had no job. I miss driving it.
      -Word 97 finally broke, leaving me without an HTML editor, i tried one called Pagebreeze but it's monumentally wank.

    3. Grazza


      Got engaged
      Made lots of money on the stock market
      Enjoyed some good travelling
      My company's sales good despite financial crisis
      New edition of my most successful book published
      No international financial apocalypse, and things slowly on the mend (it seems...)

      [this space left intentionally blank]
      Oh hang on, yes, there is something, and it's quite a biggie:
      Lack of progress on tackling climate change

      Hmm, dunno, maybe this would work better if separated into "personal" and "global" lists.

      deathbringer said:

      -Word 97 finally broke

      Yikes, now that is a catastrophe. After that version it has been sharply downhill. I have two later versions, and have uninstalled both in disgust!