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  1. Let's point out some of the good and bad things that have happened this year...

    -Obama elected as first (or second) mixed race president in US history
    -My 27th birthday
    -Got interested in airsoft
    -Average Christmas
    -The Healthcare thing
    -Going to a New Year's meet this afternoon and staying over the night!
    -New desktop!
    -Interest in Dead Space, Team Fortress 2 and Torchlight
    -Lots of interesting new music purchased and "acquired"

    -Dad's job loss
    -Feeling like crap shortly after the above
    -Two cats dying in December
    -We're still still stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan
    -Country is 12 TRILLION in debt
    -Too much bullshit/strife in government between Dems and GOP

    See you all in 2010!

    1. Sharessa


      Mr. Chris said:

      ...(or second) mixed race president in US history

      [citation needed]

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