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Everything posted by Armaetus

  1. Armaetus

    What's Your Favorite Doom Enemy Ass?

    What in the shit is this? Why. But in all seriousness, it's the Cyberdemon.
  2. Armaetus

    Doom updated on Steam...with Unity version

    I was grossly misinformed, my apologies.
  3. Armaetus

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    It is mentioned by this poster's long hidden image under the spoiler tag. You'll have to increase magnification with your browser to see it better without putting your face closer to your screen.
  4. Armaetus

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    Largely vanilla, utilizing this modification of mine but without the absurdity. I say this being a former Brutal Doom fan and user, I just got tired of it and as others mentioned, it made some custom maps unplayable due to the balancing or voodoo doll bullshittery.
  5. Armaetus

    Mouselook or autoaim?

    Freelook and free aim, always. Don't need autoaim, I am capable of getting them without issue.
  6. Armaetus


    I doubt they'll fuck over Elder Scrolls, that franchise is far too big and Bethesda got serious flak for their initial announcements on Creation Club a few years back..both times it was unfavorable to the consumer side. They wouldn't fuck over ESO either because of that reasoning of serious backlash. If Microsoft did shaft Minecraft, there would be considerable anger towards them early on.
  7. Armaetus

    What is the best Master Levels map in your opinion

    Black Tower and I have some partial towards Attack too.
  8. Watching Doomkid's videos and seeing some of Gmanlives' statements made me facepalm or go "Really? Are you kidding me?". What's stopping G for admitting his mistakes, humbly apologizing for his brash behavior, reactions towards critique and moving on? It's that simple, really. I owe up to my mistakes when I make them, be them on the forum, YouTube videos of mine in the past or in general. However, the "UV is the ideal way to play Doom" irked me a bit. Some people don't have fancy skill to play Sunder on UV, for example. Not even I could due to the monster density so HMP was more suited to me. People will play on the difficulty they feel that fits their level of skill in the game. Same applies to controller folks or keyboard only players. Doom is meant to be fun like any other game on the market. Pointing out legitimate flaws is fine but claiming to be a know-all is pushing boundaries, everyone knows John Romero and John Carmack are the more well-known experts on it due to being part of the development of it. I may know the insides and out of most mapping and the engine in general but I no means claim to be an expert in these fields.
  9. Armaetus

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

  10. Armaetus

    Pezls wad --> Last Run <-- [not serious]

    I can understand mapping not being for you but stopping the game outright?
  11. Armaetus

    What do you think of mods like brutal Doom?

    Brutal Doom itself? I'l pass, I have enough experience with older versions (v8 through v19) and just got tired of making personal edits when I did stuff on my YouTube channel. Also, it liked to crash sometimes with high monster count using Oblige maps, which prompted me to put this together. I just wanted a mostly vanilla experience with some death variation, in which I succeeded doing such.
  12. Armaetus


    Doom and Doom 2 are both on Steam for $4.99. Just copy DOOM.WAD and DOOM2.WAD to the GZDoom directory and you'll be set, providing you want the original game files.
  13. Armaetus

    a list of doom youtube channels

    Doom Video Archive My inactive/archived channel with over 1,000 videos on it. Worth taking a look at. Very old content (2013-2015) were Brutal Doom but since mid 2015 I've moved away completely from that.
  14. Armaetus

    SNES Doom source released under GPLv3

    This is nice. This is very, very nice. SNES Doom has some significance and since I had an SNES at the time, this is something I liked to play, plus it gave me the first looks of episodes 2 and 3.
  15. Armaetus

    Generating words out of the UAC logo texture

    I can see this being used for easter eggs and things like "Thanks for Playing!"
  16. Armaetus

    Brutal Doom's FUCK YOU as a stand alone wad?

    I was never a fan of the middle finger taunt when I used to use Brutal Doom, it just agitates the monsters and makes them more aggressive, especially if you do it to the Cyberdemon...He just goes nuts with his rocket salvos for that.
  17. Perfect Hatred (E4M2) on UV, even worse with -fast on. Even E4M1 is a massive bitch due to the shotgunners from most angles at the start.
  18. Armaetus

    where can I find crappy wads

    D!Zone 2. Most of it is garbage but I found a few gems which I played through.
  19. Doom engine bug I think? Fixed in modern source ports AFAIK. If not mentioned yet? GHOST MONSTERS.
  20. Armaetus

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Levels look nice and modestly detailed, I could never do daily updates like this.
  21. Armaetus

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Largely ideologically driven and garbage website. Extremely biased, especially /r/politics. I've dropped completely from politics in general but I can give you some reasons besides the ones @Nevander listed: Trump hate, misinformation, misleading or questionable sources for said information and pro-Antifa/pro-violence against police? A-OK. Conservative viewpoints and/or support for Trump that are mostly rule abiding? Suppression, deleted posts, bans, quarantined subreddits (see /r/The_Donald) and other means of censorship. Twitter can get just as bad if not worse, this is why my account is STRICTLY Elder Scrolls Online goodness, nothing else.
  22. Since we're still bringing up warnings and such.. One for "preserving troll spam drama" back in October 2017. This wasn't a warning but a notification for "Rudeness" in late December 2018. I called someone/something(?) a moron and said something on them being ballless, it very much was either a company or more known entertainment industry individual if I can remember, not sure what.
  23. What about that guy who wrote some complete nonsense that spoke with bits of religion and nonsensical sentencing? He had some WAD with replacements of enemies being Jesus or something plus all enemies on end roster were renamed to "Jew"? It was in Post Hell so it's long gone, I know SOME people here have to remember as it was a great read. Edit: I just remembered one word in the post: "allegory"
  24. Armaetus

    [New Version] A Kinda Scary Doom Mod!

    Why the HUD face is not where it should be, I dunno.