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  1. Armaetus


    I hated SS's Joker design, it was awful from what I saw. But if anything I liked in the Joker movie that stuck out to me, it was the subway scene, the chase scene (and prelude walk) that led to the subway again, the scene with his two former clown co-workers and the final scene leading to the credits. If you haven't seen it, go see it while it's still in the box office.
  2. Armaetus


    Even the actor who played Joker in Suicide Squad was upset about this new movie and possible recasting for a second role for Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker lol
  3. Armaetus


    Great movie, don't believe the BS the digital media outlets that say it's "bad" or anything negative. It's a pretty good gritty thriller and a new perspective on the Joker character. It's more like reality, no fancy hero nonsense or hero in the plot.
  4. Fuck Blizzard (for this stunt) Fuck the NBA (for the whole fiasco around Houston Rockets player tweeting support for Hong Kong then bullied into backpedaling) Fuck Apple (for removing Taiwanese flag from Chinese and similar markets and this) Props to South Park for their "Band in China" episode. They have some major cajones for standing up to China like this.
  5. Yuh, it would be more of an oversized and dramatically lower RPM minigun (and no minigun can shoot straight up without spinning up first). A real chaingun would have one barrel and would be different on the artwork, both player, sprite drops and chaingunner.
  6. Chaingunners. Rapid fire, more health, lower pain chance than the sergeants. More versatile in placement too.
  7. If possible, rip Randy to shreds in the legal battle!
  8. Armaetus

    Doom now officially set in Stone

    Fuck off, Bethesda. Cheap cash-in, just like the official shirt with the titlepic work on it. The RedBubble design I picked up a while ago looks better and used better fabric.
  9. Armaetus

    So, how old are you ?

    I probably replied to this ages ago so DOB is 4/25/1982, so 37.
  10. We (IE Steam) don't bend the knee to the French courts..
  11. Armaetus

    Recommend me some good Youtube channels to watch

    Let's see..from my own subscriptions.. Aberukun Does longplay videos, no commentary. EnterElysium Let's Play channel. Has a knack for strategy games but does some other types. Nerd Slayer/N.S Known for his "Death of a Game" series, but does podcasts and other gaming related material. Roanoke Gaming Guy with a Biology degree who digs into the biology/science of video games and tries to explain things. Very interesting stuff. Shadiversity Digs into medieval misconceptions, swords/armor, philosophy and more. Vash12349 Let's Player, a rather entertaining one (in my eyes that is). Uploads regularly. YongYea Modestly professional video game news. Recommended.
  12. Why is it European countries always coming up with these things? But to the point, I could also seeing this being abused if not properly policed or implemented.
  13. Or if you don't really care too much on design/aesthetics too much, OBLIGE with the ObAddon extension.
  14. I am not going to be nagged into purchasing extended support or upgrading to 10. If users find a way to stop that, I will use that.
  15. Armaetus

    Doom RTX On - AKA "Ah, shit, here we go again"

    Can somebody summarize vasyan777's interesting "history", seeing this mess of a "mod"?
  16. Armaetus


    Please tell me infighting exists as it wasn't touched?
  17. Seeing this thread, I got the idea why not expand it to all of Final Doom and the Master Levels as well, so what 12 would you remove? Here's mine: Evilution: MAP04: Wormhole MAP10: Redemption MAP12: Crater MAP16: Deepest Reaches MAP22: Habitat Plutonia Experiment: MAP03: Aztec MAP11: Hunted MAP12: Speed MAP14: Genesis MAP24: The Final Frontier MAP31: Cyberden Master Levels: The Garrison (GARRISON.WAD)
  18. Armaetus

    Doom Eternal's campaign is around 18-22 hours long, Marty says

    As always, should always keep our hype in check, even if it's the new Doom game..
  19. Armaetus

    TV Tropes Addiction

    You're better off reading Wikipedia instead.
  20. I miss your old custom title of "Doomworld is all about bullshit excuses".

    1. chungy


      Haha, me too actually, but it got lost in the transition to Invision.

  21. Armaetus

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    Weeds' font still holds up to the test of time in most cases.
  22. Armaetus

    What 10 maps would you remove from TNT Evilution?

    I have a better idea based on this thread but for Final Doom & Master Levels..
  23. Armaetus

    Old Nerd Playing Doom On PC

    Someone named GrayGhost is in his 60s, tho we've not heard from him in quite some time and it concerns us.. (Last visit: October 24th, 2016)
  24. Here's another heartfelt post because a lot of us regulars wonder where you are. As Doomkid mentioned below, we hope you're among the living still.