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  1. http://twitpic.com/akm1nx

    Does anyone want some, heh.

    Hot as I expected and nice to taste the actual source of the heat instead of salsa or hot sauce with the ingredient.

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    2. hex11


      I know my limits and this ain't for me. Usually eat a couple serrano peppers every days though. But those scales aren't that useful, because different crops can vary radically in the amount of "heat" they pack. I've had jalapenos that are about as bland as bell peppers, and others that have me crying like a baby.

    3. Bucket


      For me, anything hotter than bell peppers are more heat than flavor, and thus completely pointless to me. I do, however, have plenty of respect for the Bachelor's Secret Weapon (aka hot sauce). I can't count how many bachelor dinners have been transformed from "four pounds of tasteless mush" to "fine Mexican cuisine" with the skillful addition of hot sauce and soft tortillas.

    4. ReFracture


      My tolerance in spicy food has gone up in the last few years... it's some addictive shit. I dare not touch Ghost peppers though, that is the stuff of madness no doubt.