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  1. So I went to one of the gun ranges on Long Island, had a great old time. Got to handle a Sten, Remington 700, a Mosin-Nagant, an SKS and the AR-15.

    See some photos here: 

    I am the one in the black shirt aiming in a couple of the photos.

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    2. Decay


      Nice. I don't buy anything that isn't matching number lol. My SKS is Tula, but my nagant is Izhevsk. I took a pic of the nagant stamp but you can't really see it for shit, it's got the triangle and arrow on the bottom and the hammer and sickle crest on the top though.



    3. RUSH


      Sweet man, nice that's a beautiful weapon all around.

    4. Glaice


      The SKS I used was my friend's and it's Yugoslavian. Remington 700 was awkward to aim through  the scope and took a while to adjust but was able to hit the 100m target. The Mosin-Nagant was similar in handling the SKS but had stronger recoil, that and the AR-15 was nice and light without being heavy on the recoil.