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  1. This afternoon around 1:15pm while returning from the gym, a lone guy in a car pulled up to the corner just around from my street asked me if I wanted to buy some pot. I respectfully declined and he drove off.

    As much as I don't care about the use of pot or the sale of it, I would be more concerned if he was offering me something heavier such as cocaine, meth or heroin.

    Has anyone else been approached by dealers regardless if they were on foot or in a vehicle?

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    2. Technician


      It's been too long since my last high. I need to find connections in this city.

    3. Grazza


      Doom Marine said:

      Should've told him you sold chess books, and that he can reach a new level of awareness by reading a chess book whilst smoking a fatty.

      I didn't at the time. Anyway, the two go together extremely badly. Alcohol and chess are fine (maybe only knock off about 200 Elo points for being pretty much blind drunk - for blitz chess at least*), whereas cannabis more or less scrambles the chess thought process.

      * And of course there were some Russian GMs (Kholmov, and Tal to some extent, spring to mind) who were perma-drunks.

    4. NightmareZer0


      Yeah all the time to be honest. Apparently I have stoner written on my forehead. I used to be a stoner in the day but I quit. Ironically enough, most of my run-ins with drug dealers has been at Taco Bell.