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  1. I made a demo for the new version when I saw you'd done an update. The changes made the final arena much, much better. Attempts at encoding it for youtube have shown that the map lives up to the tag line too.
  2. koren

    Criticality (beta)

    Really cool map, I loved it. It was fun to unravel and was challenging without being overtuned, given the length and design that lends itself towards exploration. For my own tastes, I couldn't detect any serious difficulty spikes or underlying issues. The theming was lovely and the lighting was really impressive, the dark core area in particular was really pretty and visually striking. Critically, I've not much to say beyond echoing the comments that the cyberdemon spawn-ins could be particularly brutal for a blind player, in the BFG arena when they end up surrounded by a sea of spectres and the four vile switch room. The one guarding the switch with the four viles in particular is extremely cruel and very easy to clip on when trying to back off from the switch depending on when they decide to spawn in. Beyond that, there's a few oddities like splash from rockets sometimes waking up & freeing some of the five pain elementals enclosed in that central rectangular divide in the half-circle shaped arena directly after the four vile switch room, with the cyberdemon and mancs, and the previously mentioned trapped arachnotron in the big crescent shaped eastern arena. I recorded a max demo and made a video with some blathering commentary on top if you are interested:
  3. Nice map. The texture set is striking and you manage to make some very pretty geometry out of it. The lighting in particular is very nicely done and keeps things from looking drab. There's also a lot of inventive concepts on display with the major encounters, which is always a treat. Here's a casual demo (glboom cl9) and some notes: https://cyberdemon.co.uk/stuff/shangril-kn.lmp Looking forward to your future releases. Keep it up!
  4. koren

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Wanted to do this for a while.
  5. koren

    Darkest Room (Doom 2 level, /idgames)

    Congrats on the final release. I had a lot of fun playing through this again and I just want to mention how nice it looks in a software renderer. The changes to the ammo distribution for the most part worked very well, I felt seriously pressured until the BFG arena again, where all the cautious infight generation and weapon switching paid off with me having 200~ cells for the back end of the map. It feels like you could probably have one less big cell pack in the BFG room and that'd still leave a cautious player with a couple of shots to help neutralise the encounter of their choice, without being able to defuse them all quite so freely. Here's a casual maxdemo on UV difficulty. It utilises most of the same tricks I used in the beta release. DRoom-2307-kn.zip
  6. koren

    Unhealthy and Brutana (new Doom 2 maps)

    In Unhealthy you can pretty consistently get across the starting lava and have 21 health remaining if you start strafe running at the correct time between damaging tics. I did this purely by accident the first time I started the map. This is without finding the secret.
  7. koren

    Darkest Room (Doom 2 level, /idgames)

    I recorded a UV FDA on the old version a few days ago, but managed to overwrite it like a complete donkey. Really sorry about that, I somehow managed to launch the game immediately after quitting out. I played through it twice and got to the BFG fight both times, fucking it up and dying twice in a row, mostly just exploiting infighting along the way and taking encounters slowly and cautiously. I did record an exit on UV after scouting out the rest of the map though, which I will attach to this post (plays back on the old version). Once you get over the initial hump, there seems to be plenty of ammo on UV. If you handle the BFG fight correctly, you'll end up with a glut of cells that can be used to break the back of the harder encounters further down the line. The BFG fight messed me up more than a few times simply because the timing between the waves is devious and feels unnaturally long. I found it quite easy to break the back of a few fights by waking up enemies in advance - like the lock in with the PE, wall of barons and rev/vile snipers - or simply by running away - as is very easy to do with the final fight. Also, you can make the cyberdemon variants infight, which isn't exactly necessary or even all that useful in the plasma gun fight, but amusing nonetheless. Another really fun map. A nice change of pace from the super chaotic and hectic stuff i've been playing recently. DRoom-uvkoren.zip
  8. koren

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Paradise by Tango. First and only zdoom set i've really loved.
  9. I get a crash when trying to load the new rc with gzdoom 4.1.2:
  10. The map05 change is good because it changes the dynamics of the diabloist and cyberdemon fight to be a bit more unpredictable and chaotic. However, you can still cheese the rev reveal at the rocket launcher switch by simply eliminating the diabloist quickly with rocket spam and sitting right up in the corner where the switch was. Because of the crescent shape of the area, almost all of the revs will just get funnelled to the opposite end where they can't touch you and are easy to spam down with the ssg. That said, I can't find a reliable way to get through that fight without cheesing it that way. If i play aggressively I just get overwhelmed and cornered most of the time because the revs flood the narrow chokepoints and form a solid wall without an efficient way of cutting a path. That arena before the nukage is raised - both parts, though the second reveal is much easier to manage - are probably the hardest fight in the map now. e: on extreme, to clarify
  11. koren

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    One thing i've noticed a lot of is enemies locked into animations running or flying in tight circles. The third episode boss for me did nothing but spin on the spot for 60 seconds straight while i spammed tesla shots at it. Gargoyles and those grim reaper guys seemed to enjoy bouncing hard into the ceiling constantly, sometimes getting trapped in corners. I don't know blood very well so is this a known behaviour with the game or a port inaccuracy?
  12. koren

    frog_and_toad.wad [12 maps]

    it would be nice if map10 had a teleporter at the beginning so you can get right to the action, instead of a mandatory 20 second stroll and lift sequence for every attempt. it's also surprising just how much harder these sort of things are when you are recording a demo / don't have the benefit of -longtics. changed my attitude of 10 from "well maybe i could do this if i spent a long time grinding away and the stars aligned" to "oh hell no."
  13. Really great set of levels here, much improved from v1, which was a little too harshly balanced IMO. I remember the two vile and rev pit on map03 in particular being near impossible to hold without being overwhelmed by teleporting revs. I did a mostly non-blind stream on extreme difficulty yesterday if you are interested, but honestly it won't be that informative: I also felt inspired to make a demo for map05, after figuring out how to handle some of the nastier traps. One small question: did you increase the base health of arch viles? For some reason I was completely incapable of killing them with four ssg blasts in my playthroughs. A minor point, but it threw off my rhythm a bit and combined with the rocket damage nerf it made them feel strangely tanky.
  14. koren

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    Very nice to see skepland in this list, or any list at all really. Plutonium winds is also one of those curiously underrated sets. I've been a fan of darkreaver stuff since his exquisite contribution to CC4.
  15. koren

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Strange bug at the end of map11 or am I missing something? Playing with glboom, cl11: