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  1. koren

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    Very nice to see skepland in this list, or any list at all really. Plutonium winds is also one of those curiously underrated sets. I've been a fan of darkreaver stuff since his exquisite contribution to CC4.
  2. koren

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Strange bug at the end of map11 or am I missing something? Playing with glboom, cl11:
  3. koren

    Which Floaty Enemy Is Cutest?

    Without question, the pain elemental. Tiny arms and such a cute waddle!
  4. koren

    OSCILLATION, a 9 map boom wad [On Idgames]

    These maps were a lot of fun. I played through 1-9 over the course of the evening yesterday and came back to beat 9 today. Here's a set of FDAs and a max demo for 9 if you are so inclined. The variety in encounters and the different approaches the maps demanded were nice. I appreciated the inclusion of some punchy, aggression supporting maps like map03 alongside the longer maps with more exploration and incidental encounters. I think you have the map order and difficulty gradient in a decent place too - things kept progressively ramping up in difficulty smoothly but at a brisk pace. Map08 served as a nice breather after the rather tricky map07 and before the arduous journey that was map09. The set piece encounters were decent and while there were a few classic standbys - holding the breach on bridges and big blobs of enemies with intermingled viles slowly encroaching on the player's space - there a lot of unique and inventive encounters too and those are what really elevated the set in my opinion. Keeping the lights on in map06, the platforming segment, and nukage swamp in map09 - all pretty unique and engaging. Far and away the best of the bunch were the set pieces that relied on vile turrets, the stand out for me being the ring of viles in map07 and dealing with the vanishing cover. Nothing seemed to break on me or malfunction in any noticeable way except an imp and zombieman stuck together when you open the door over the bridge on map01. There were a couple of dodgy cyberdemon placements that stood out though: The cyberdemon at the top of the stairs in the west wing of Map07 is pretty much useless. There's too much cover with the bars and central pillars for him to be able to target the player and for the same reason it's rather dangerous to try approaching him due to splash damage. I found the best strategy was just to completely ignore him while cleaning the rest of the room out and then plinking away with plasma from the a position of near total safety on the ground floor Likewise the cyberdemon guarding the yellow skull switch in map09 doesn't seem to be up to much as the doorway severely limits the angles he can cover and there's no other incentive to go in there until much later on. Anyway, lovely maps. Keep up the good work.
  5. koren

    What are your thoughts on infinite height?

    It makes any fight with a mass of cacodemons and pain elementals dynamic & threatening. Love it.
  6. koren

    Saturnine Chapel - Now on /idgames

    Congratulations on the release. This is a remarkable map.
  7. koren

    50 Monsters - on idgames!

    The crushers on map31 don't render properly in glboom+, I can see through them even when they're touching the ground. They work fine with the software renderer though.
  8. koren

    dead.air - v2

    This looks rather nice. I don't play many zdoom maps so I have a few quick questions: Was this designed with mouselook/freelook in mind, or is it playable without? Jumping and crouching - Necessary, or should I keep them unbound?
  9. koren


    a new milestone in doom mapping.
  10. koren

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    Standout single maps and smaller sets that really made this year something special and deserve serious consideration: Toilet of the Gods Legacy of Heroes Ovum or Eden Miasma Pepper Sparta 2: Project Vesuvius NH4/5/666
  11. koren

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Getting clipped by a mancubus projectile through a wall or corner. 'Tough Chaingunner' style situations due to doom's less than perfect collision detection. Missing the occasional punch on demons and being unable to punch mancs and cacodemons reliably in non-zdoom ports. Putting the only SSG in a secret somewhere near the beginning of a map. Hanging decorations and ground decorations placed in a way that frustrate the player's smooth movement in an environment. When infinite height monsters block a mandatory drop to a lower level of the map and I have no rockets or wall to splash them off.
  12. koren

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Verada (AKA, Please Consider) UV-max in 6:01 Recorded a couple of weeks ago. Wanted to push under 6 minutes but had a long streak of bad luck and ended up forgetting all about it. verada-601.zip
  13. koren

    Ave Exitium - Now on the IdGames archive.

    This is a cool map. The extreme ammo starvation and layout made it a real puzzle to work out a survivable route through. Notes: - This cacodemon is stuck in his cubby hole and harmless: - The secret with the backpack doesn't seem to work properly. The pressable tech panel only lowers half of the plinth down leaving an untextured surface and backpack far above: - It seemed quite easy to skip over a some linedefs, notably the one that murders all of the manc snipers at the end of the map. - There probably isn't enough ammo to kill both cyberdemons at the end. With some tyson heavy and pretty efficient play I still ended up having one cyberdemon at around 80% health. On the other hand I wasted around 10 shells by picking up one of the boxes without a backpack and probably used buckshot on a few things I could have punched. Nevertheless, I still think it'd be very tight, especially if the final infight doesn't go well. Perhaps putting a box of shells in the lift room at the end would be a good idea unless you want a potential max player finishing with some cybie punching - which wouldn't go against the spirit of this map at all.
  14. koren

    Newgothic Movement 2 - Public Beta

    Oh and the lack of a shotgun placement on map11 can make the big circle of death lethal when the shotgunners are introduced to the mix midway through because of forced weapon switching. It's sufficiently hectic and spammy enough to make navigating around without occidentally walking over a shotgun very, very difficult.
  15. koren

    Newgothic Movement 2 - Public Beta

    Really nice set of maps here. Two observations with prboom, cl9: - On map16 the spawned monsters tend to get stuck inside of each other on the teleporter platforms they rez on and subsequently the central room never really fills up. - On map31, The cacodemons that teleport in on the right side of the blue key fight appear to be blocked in somehow. As a result only only one can teleport in at any given time and they don't do anything.