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  1. deported

    Ask Your Doctor About Zandronum

    http://www.skulltag.net/ This page is about kittens http://www.skulltag.com/ Then what is this one?
  2. deported

    Ask Your Doctor About Zandronum

    In Unix and other multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon (play /ˈdeɪmən/)
  3. deported

    Doom 3 Source Code Released

  4. deported

    Doom 3 Source Code Released

    Proof? I'm no expert on this matter, but it seems to be linked to installations of Doom 3 and stored in .paks, or you could use SDK. On another note, all the lighting and shadow stuff will get replaced in the future once people find out ways to improve the game anyway, shadows are quite unimpressive to me in retail and source, turns out it was Carmack's first C++ product and code was quite a mess, as said in his Twitter lately, hence why it suffered several slowmo bugs that weren't related to your own PC, not to mention, it's easy to modify the evil way, options like disabling serial check are in plain sight.
  5. deported

    Doom 3 Source Code Released

    kristus, if we can't find a way to create good Source-Ports or Coop equal to that of recent Doom 2 ports, we can take some features from ID Tech 4 back to our own Doom 2 versions. I find this fine. By the way, if anyone's looking for an editor, here's one.
  6. deported

    Doom 3 source code going free after Rage launch

    But chungy, ID Tech 4 along with other game's sources will be released too. What I'm looking forward to is general improvements on the gameplay itself without any kind of...crappiness...like most of those mods add. I want Doom 2 stuff in 3 too, for example, Survival mode.
  7. deported

    Doom 3 source code going free after Rage launch

    Also, I'm not experienced at all in these topics, but I have a critical question, it's mostly on hold until the actual source is released with all the license limitations...wouldn't we be able to use Punkbuster at will and stuff like that, since it comes with Doom 3 and other ID Tech 4 games? Isn't this a tremendous fuckup?
  8. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/08/04/doom-3-source-code-going-free-after-rage-launch/ So let me ask the obvious question...is anyone interested in working on Source-Ports for Doom 3, to add better DM/Coop akin to Doom 2 than it currently had? This game has potential for all that, I'd be up to playtesting!