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  1. DLRArchangel

    I hate Halls of the Damned

    I just wanted to disagree and say that halls of the damned is my favorite map in doom 1 e2. on nightmare this is one of the hardest maps in the game. also i love the music on this map, the bass starts thumping i just get pumped up. you know that a lot of shooting is ahead. our co-op nightmare run of this map is intense and awesome. barons, demons everywhere, plasma rifles blazing! i fucking love it!
  2. DLRArchangel

    nm co-op 1-3-2012

    thanks man! that's very nice of you to say that we make it look easy. i think that's the highest compliment you could give. it took a lot of work to get to that point but i had a blast doing it.
  3. DLRArchangel

    nm co-op 1-3-2012

    we were playing ultimate doom 1.9 and yeah friendly fire was on. it took practice to avoid shooting each other. its easy to step in front of your partner and get owned in the back that's for sure!
  4. DLRArchangel

    nm co-op 1-3-2012

    I'd enjoy hearing any comments or seeing any other co-op nm demos that you guys have.
  5. DLRArchangel

    nm co-op 1-3-2012

    here are the demos from the night when superman and i beat all three original episodes on nightmare, in a row without dying. this was our finest hour in doom. superman has recently moved to the west coast and i miss him! these are for you dude! thedemos.zip
  6. DLRArchangel

    What's your first hardcore moment of Doom?

    killer2, I have the replays but I'm having a problem transfering them from the old computers to this one since they aren't networked. its annoying and not as simple as it seems - don't ask... when i get this resolved i'll post them for you.
  7. DLRArchangel

    keyboard or mouse?

    Keyboard all the way through Quake 2? awesome! lol. I used the keyboard only through duke3d and when I began playing Quake 1 even online in deathmatch. I finally embraced the mouse when a quake clan recruited me and taught me how to use it. I can't imagine playing anything but doom without the mouse now.
  8. DLRArchangel

    keyboard or mouse?

    I don't use the mouse to play doom. I've used the keyboard only since I was a kid. I use the mouse in all other fps games though. It's not like you can look up or down in doom anyway so I never saw the benefit of switching. I was just wondering if anyone else does this?
  9. DLRArchangel

    What's your first hardcore moment of Doom?

    I felt that I (and my co-op partner DLRSuperman) was 'very good' or 'elite' on 1-3-2012 when we beat doom 1.9 on Nightmare skill all three original episodes in a row without dying. We did it on 2 win98 pcs that I've kept for playing old games on. We didn't speedrun, we fought our way through except when it was impossible to fight. I don't know how to describe our playing style other than fun! After we beat E1 together on nightmare a few years ago this was our goal - and we finally f*cking did it!!! Hooray for Doom, one of the best games of all time.
  10. i was playing co-op (vanilla doom 1.9 win98) with a friend the other day and suddenly on e1m4 a demon attained no clipping, ran into the wall to flank my friend and came out behind him. at this time, we both also gained the no clipping ability and now both being unable to pick up any health, we quickly died. i attempted to run through the wall to the exit but i was pursued. i have never encountered this in my millions of attempts at playing doom - has anyone else? we didn't know what to do besides laugh.
  11. DLRArchangel

    absolute most favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    Toxin Refinery is my all time favorite because it is so hard to beat on nightmare difficulty without using the secret exit or speed running. It's such a long journey to the blue key and all the way back to the exit. I have a hard time beating it alone but in co-op we destory it - i love it! Also, Halls of the Damned has become my next favorite for it's sheer difficulty and awesome music. This is a map in co-op that requires so much direct combat to beat, I love it. Something about tearing up the demons and barons with plasma in that dark room and then dashing to the exit is so thrilling! Every time we beat this one in co-op a high-five is required.
  12. DLRArchangel

    Tell Me Your Dream Weapon for Doom

    some type of grenade would be cool
  13. DLRArchangel

    doom e1-e3 without dying?

    i was talking about playing e1, e2 and then e3 making one attempt at each and winning all 3 in a row without dying on NM skill. i realize that the game ends after each episode. i'm sure it is possible it just seems like that would be extremely hard. thank you for the feedback gents
  14. DLRArchangel

    doom e1-e3 without dying?

    do you think anyone has ever beaten doom e1-e3 on nightmare difficulty consecutively without dying in co-op mode? or single player for that matter?
  15. DLRArchangel

    Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

    sorry to put my ignorance on display but could someone explain what this wad is? how is this different then the doom 1.9 doom.wad?