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  1. Platinum Shell

    Bloody Steel (project)

    Thanks, didn't check the txt file; I thought it would have been in the OP.
  2. Platinum Shell

    Bloody Steel (project)

    Fist of all, excellent set of maps. I like the abandoned feel quite a bit. Second, would anyone happen to know where the first map's track is ripped from?
  3. Platinum Shell

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Trying to remember a small mapset, maybe 5 or so maps, with one map in particular being a large, open city with tall buildings that a few of which had access inside of via doors (not entirely sure what to call the nature of them) that were level geometry that gradually open up by crossing line defs, sort of giving it an animation mimicking a build engine door. Anyway, in the open space of the map there was a cyberdemon far off, tucked behind some buildings where the road curved. Some buildings had a lobby with an archvile inside, and one building had a large open room with a receptionist desk with a computer and a gaggle of imps. After solving a few puzzles or by killing the lobby archviles, can't recall correctly, you gained access to the rest of the city (same map I think) that had a few ambush spots here and there. Hellcore 2.0.
  4. Platinum Shell

    Nothing New On idgames Lately

    Damn, checked this thread around a week ago to see if there were any developments. And then now it seems he's passed. It seems like this community has seen its fair share of losses (at least in terms of discussing such things) and everyone kind of feels pretty emotionally tight knit for an online community. Then again, it has some years under its belt. RIP Ty, and thank you so much for all your contributions.
  5. Platinum Shell

    Screenshot from DW in 1999

    I always forget just how old the majority (well, perhaps not now with the influx of players from Brutal Doom, Doom 4, mods, etc.) of this community is. Would the community age average be around the 30's?
  6. Platinum Shell

    Reveal thread from EE forum (split)

    I wonder how taxing Doom 4 is on computers processor-wise. I think it's a neat idea that someday we could have an "average" priced CPU capable of tackling masses of monsters in a game like Doom 4, similar to how we currently can with Doom 2 with nuts wad.
  7. Platinum Shell

    Reveal thread from EE forum (split)

    To be frank...I'm really looking forward to this. Snapmap seems like a great idea.
  8. Platinum Shell

    Reveal thread from EE forum (split)

    Sooo...like normal, then?
  9. Platinum Shell

    Philae probe lands on comet

    "To Read the Full Story, Subscribe or Sign In" http://imgur.com/v2gaFeA Sounds like it got damaged eh? Shame. Still, something is better than nothing.
  10. Platinum Shell

    Men can be victims of rape and domestic abuse too

    This is all I needed to read besides the title. Imgur's (and Reddit's) community is pure garbo.
  11. Platinum Shell

    Beautiful Doom

    So like originally but revamoed and with some effects added to some decoration types? Not bad. It would be cool to see another mod show some love towards decorations. Another great example for decorations I'd say would be Hideous Destructor, especially recently. Might even give you some ideas or inspirations, too.
  12. Platinum Shell

    Beautiful Doom

    ...what? This bit is all over the place man. "and then at some version stopped to" meaning people stopped caring or decorations stopped blocking bullets? Either way, it's not a really big deal. If all the decorations are going to be unable to be interacted with, leave them with vanilla properties. Regarding bone/ribs in gib sprites...eh, don't feel too strongly either way. As long as the crude bone bits in 5.3's sprites are being changed, I say cool. Plus the sprites you've shown look flat-out good. Also, the splash sound, ESPECIALLY when involving liquids...I kinda liked it :V Would be cool to see it left in at a much lower volume.
  13. Platinum Shell

    Beautiful Doom

    Nice sprites Mark. I agree the Beautiful Doom gore could use some shading. And yes, menu options and CVARs for various player tastes is always the best route IMO.
  14. Platinum Shell

    Nothing New On idgames Lately

    Heh, that got a chuckle out of me. But in all honesty, I'm really hoping Ty is all right. Being left in the dark on stuff like this sucks. Here's hoping we get news on his status soon. The good kind.
  15. Platinum Shell

    Beautiful Doom

    Right, I agreed with silent fists until they hit something (monsters, but wall hits waking them up would be cool too) The alt fires for the SSG and Chaingun would be cool as in game options though, yeah.