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  1. Probably not many of you care, but I'm missing three comics from Nami Comix. I had them on MancuNET (which crashed) and am now missing 9 - 11.

    The filenames should start with "heh0", and would be heh009, heh010, and heh011 respectively. If you can, please check to see if you have any of these files. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could find any of these for me.


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    2. rf`


      Silverwyvern said:

      Hmm.. put in a request for my ftp password months ago an never got it emailed to me. I'll update when I get the info.

      You have a lot of comics saved up, don't you? :)

    3. Silverwyvern
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      hey ralphis, go suck a dick.