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  1. <Torn> hmm... danish barbie in gangbang
    <Torn> try to search for that on kazaa

    <Torn> maonth: do you have some human nature movies with dorthe damsgaard
    <Torn> PORN MOVIES
    <Torn> :D

    <Torn> heh
    <Torn> that is cat porn
    <Torn> nice
    <Torn> oops

    <Torn> hmm
    <Torn> ratemybody.com ?
    <Torn> is there one
    <Torn> hmm
    <Torn> hmm
    <Torn> you need to be naked then
    <Torn> my god, or what?

    <Torn> wow, maybe i should send a pic to ratemypoo.com, i will win a prince... LOl

    <Torn> damn, i have a problem, i am ready soon to format my hd, but what with my porn movies... ;(
    <Torn> well, i can always download them again
    <Torn> who come from sweden, they make good porn there

    <Torn> the demons look cute in the new doom

    <Torn> someone send me a full porn movie
    <Torn> please
    <Torn> :D

    <Torn> every porn websites is pay sites

    <Torn> mario is missing is worst
    <Torn> because luigi is gay with bowser

    <Torn> pikachu is teh sexy

    <Torn> i remember i can't english while i am drunk
    <Torn> *speak

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    2. AndrewB


      <AndrewB> Heck.

    3. Fletcher`


      DooMBoy said:

      Or this:

      <Isle> heh


      <Isle> ravage you fucking furry

    4. DooMBoy


      True dat.


      *Isle spanks ravage'