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  1. Okay, here's how it goes. ravage wants to be unbanned from the IRC channel. But I need to ask ravage WHY he wants to be unbanned.

    Here's what happened. We had a talk about some of the people in the channel who were really just not, how should I say, useful to the channel. For instance, BBG mostly just idles and pops up when the topic of drugs is brought up. Additionally, ravage and dn just bicker back and forth and it's all quite annoying.

    Firstly: ravage, why do you need to be unbanned? You mostly idle, and if not you argue with dn, which you can do anywhere.
    Secondly: It's not that important to be in the channel. Nothing great or special goes on there.
    Thirdly: If you were to be unbanned would there be any behavioral changes?

    We did a sort of "spring cleaning" in the channel and got rid of a few people. We feel there's at least a certain number of people who hang around just to be annoying. We may change our minds later... but for now that's how it goes.

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      how do u open the door!?!?

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      Wow, those zombies are hard to kill. They kill me every time.

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      I said:

      ...with -nomonsters set.