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  1. All right, I've had enough!

    Ralphis, your lame "Doom Kart" is just a big excuse to horn in on my territory! You had no real intents to finish it until ZooM came around, and now every once in a while you mention it when ZooM starts to get some sort of publicity, and I'm getting tired of it. One of us has to go!

    I challenge you to deathmatch. 1 on 1, port of your choice. Your rules, your maps, and you're going down! This match will decide once and for all, who's the master of racing mods!

    To everyone else: Any opinions on this matchup? Thoughts, ideas, bets? I've got $20 riding on myself.

    1. Show previous comments  51 more
    2. myk


      So, where's part 3?

    3. Ralphis


      Part 3 in all of it's glory. Watch to find out if Ralphis can come back and beat Nanami at her own game!


      Thank you for watching and we hope you enjoyed this installment of DM Soap Opera!

    4. Trasher][


      Best final confrontation EVAR.