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  1. Nanami

    New Runes?

    I was playing with the SkullTag runes the other day and got to thinking about some ideas. Right now there are 4 offensive runes, 4 defensive runes, and 2 "special" runes. I started thinking of new ideas for runes that might be cool in SkullTag. However, I remembered that the runes had a sort of order, so if you added an offensive rune you'd need an accompanying defensive rune so there's just as many offensive as defensive; possibly even one that directly counters the other (strength/resistance). I had a few ideas for runes (names pending). They sort of match, and are numbered to show which ones counter the other... Offensive: 1) Ammo Regeneration 2) Pierce (if the target has armor, it reduces the armor by 5x what it normally would) 3) Homing 4) Poison (target loses a small portion of health for a few seconds after being shot; stops damaging if health is too low (can't die from poison)) 5) Speed (projectiles are twice as fast) Defensive: 1) Armor Regeneration 2) Armor Prosperity (if you have 100 armor and find another green armor, you go to 200!) 3) Stealth (slightly lowered alpha, not as much as blur/invisibility sphere) 4 or 5) Evasion (10% chance of taking no damage from each successful hit (useful against powerful weapons)) Special: 1) Persistance (powerups last twice as long when picked up) 2) Immunity (can't be hurt by damaging sectors (up to 10 damage) and can stay underwater twice as long) So anyone have any cool ideas?
  2. Hey, it's that time again, loyal fans (and all of you ARE loyal, bastards).

    As a side note, I think all my best comics are the ones that end in a character saying "crap," like the one with Evilpants saying he knows evil-fu.

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    2. DooMBoy


      Heh, this one is actually mildly entertaining

      But it still sucks :P

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Heh I like comix. Whatever :D

    4. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Nanami said:


      rofl, classic

  3. Nanami

    Rapist Wins Lottery

    Haha, people that win the lottery are dumb. 99% of them spend it on hugely expensive things like that, run out of money in a week, have to sell it all, and go back to the way they were living before, often times in debt. If you win the lottery you should use it to pay off any existing debts, and put the rest in the bank to collect interest off it. Often times when the lottery gets to be high enough, if you simply used it to collect interest, the interest alone would be enough to live off of for the rest of your life, but nobody's that smart.
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    2. Jordan


      *looks at title* hmm good for you, you have 30 good fire starters.. and 30 reasons

    3. DOOM Anomaly
    4. Ichor



      Heh, easily fixed.

  4. If any of you read my comic, you might notice I haven't updated in a while. Well, there's a perfectly reasonable excuse for that. I'm lazy!

    Anyway, some people suggested some sort of guest week, so for any of you that want to make a comic, here's what you'll need:

    Comic base I use:

    The characters:

    Tom_D who deserves his own image! (or so I tell him):

    You can post them here.

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    2. TawmDee


      Nothing can beat my comic!!!!

      except maybe scewbs.

      lololo doomboy jeluz!!11

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Ichor said:

      omg Manc and Pritch... is this true?

    4. Ralphis
  5. Nanami

    college cooking

    Lots of Lipton instant rice/noodles. Lots of "Complete Meal" boxes. Pizza from Papa John's. Sandwiches. Canned soup. The occasional TV dinner. Sometimes a Lunchables package. That's what I live off of. I have some ramen but I rarely eat it.
  6. Nanami

    New Guns?

    I figured I'd just see what's on everyone's mind again. First of all, I'm 99% sure SkullTag doesn't want any new guns (so don't take this as begging for new weapons), and even if it did it's hard to come by sprites, but it's always fun to use your brain and come up with neat ideas... so let's hear everyone's suggestions for guns that would be cool in SkullTag. Slot 1: Knife - Combat knife! Better/faster than fist, weaker than berserk Baseball Bat - Good for whackin' people with Slot 2: Dual Pistols - Faster than the pistol, slower than chaingun; low accuracy Some Other Pistol? - A stronger pistol, because the normal pistol sucks =P Slot 3: Sawed off Shotgun - Two barrels, shoots one at a time before reload (like Blood) Slot 4: Heavy Chaingun - Slower than the chaingun, but stronger (like Heretic's Dragonfist) Slot 5: Missile Launcher - Smaller and weaker than rockets, but heat-seek Spread Missile - Like ROTT's drunk missile... shoots a lot of stuff at once Mine Launcher - Drops mines on the ground that explode when anyone comes near Slot 6: Flamethrower - Fast spray of flames, but has limited range Flash - Shoots a simple beam of energy (much like railgun) Slot 7: Beta BFG - The beta BFG that shot all those projectiles Fusion Cannon - Like the one in Turok! So anyone have any wacky ideas?
  7. Nanami

    New Guns?

    Yeah, because people are dumb.
  8. Nanami

    Making the Player Taller

    Textures can be scaled, yes.
  9. Nanami

    New Guns?

    I always found that amusing. Why make a new football game every year? Besides the players maybe, I don't think the rules of football are going to change each year. And to change the players, just make an in-game player creator.
  10. Nanami

    Heresiarch = Scrapped 2nd Serpent Rider?

    I've taken up Ragnarok Online and my life now has no other meaning.
  11. What skin do you use? Personally, I use Hissy. I used to use Base II but I looked like everyone else. I tried to express some sort of individuality, so tried using Crash, but that skin is rather weird looking and the sounds are way too loud and ear-piercing. Eventually I ended up with Hissy and stuck with it. So, post on.
  12. Nanami

    A good idea for a ZDoom total conversion

    Guys I have another idea. What about a reverse Wolfenstein mod, where you play Hitler? Sound good?
  13. Nanami

    Hexen online

    I think probably SkullTag is your best bet. ZDoom is more up to date but it doesn't have servers, and ZDaemon has completely awful coop support of even Doom so even if it does support Hexen it's bound to be ridiulously awful support.
  14. You could also give each team points for everything. Points for finding secrets, points for killing monsters, points for reaching the exit. So even if one team had a really good speedrunner, the other team could make up for it by killing/exploring more. And maybe subtract points for being killed.
  15. Nanami

    Compared to other game bosses...

    It's Espi's work. It looks better than that now.
  16. Nanami

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    Maybe so. I laughed a couple times but it wasn't overly amusing. It was basically the same jokes over and over again.
  17. Nanami

    limit removing port

    ZDoom is the most popular "limit removing" port. Although if you just want a port that removes limits and don't need any new features or anything, PrBoom is probably your best bet.
  18. Nanami

    pwned.nl -- funny video

    Not very funny.
  19. Nanami


    I always skip Doom Racer and give myself 5000 points.
  20. Nanami

    Problem with Doombuilder and scripts

    *sniff* It's threads like these that make me enjoy getting up at 6:30 to go to Data Structures.
  21. Nanami

    Compared to other game bosses...

    I'm thinking about it. It needs more tweaking (Korax' hands are under the Heresiarch in some of those shots), but it shouldn't be hard. I may do it in my spare time. I'll have to use my recolored Heresiarch (blue instead of purple) and he won't have his normal attacks (except maybe the stream of floor-bound projectiles) but at least I can mirror frames in this one unlike my cyber mastermind.
  22. Nanami

    Compared to other game bosses...

    Three day bump, but I think it's appropriate. I did this as a joke, but it actually doesn't look half bad.