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  1. DeimosKnight

    Gameplay Hit or Miss

    I was amazed when I watched the two demos for the first time. At the same time, my feelings were scattered. I appreciate the scale of the levels, the details, and the gameplay. It seems like the gameplay is paying homage to Brutal Doom, and yet at the same time borrows gameplay from other games. The weird thing is that the presentation of the game felt like an amalgam Metroid Prime, Halo, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, bits of the Alien films, and bits of Doom. From the first demo, I got very Aliens 3/Terminator 2 meets Metroid Prime vibe from its design. When I saw the reworking of the cyberdemon and the design of the Hell portion of the demo reminded me very much of the art style of Kingdoms of Amalur, which was done by Todd McFarlane. I liked that the design of Hell borrowed influences from fantasy RPGs in its design. The odd thing is that the enemies didn't quite stand out for me, in color, animation, or behavior. I expected the art style for the enemies to stand out more, as they did in the last three games. I think that for Doom's universe, it needs an art style which stands out, and makes you feel the presence of the enemies. Mentioning McFarlane makes me wish the the game had a combined art style of Adrian Carmack and Todd McFarlane. Having the power-ups and items dropping and then instantly getting absorbed was interesting, though it felt like it was from another game. It seemed as if the hero was equipped with an ability that most players would have to earn in other games near the end, like Derek Badger's ability to absorb the coins from his fallen prey in Yahtzee Croshaw's Poacher. The weapons don't stand quite out for me either in their design, but they are effective. I definitely liked the chainsaw parts and physical bare-hand take-downs. I found it clever of the developers to have time slow down as you choose your weapons. The other ability which stood out for me was that scanner device which showed the ghostly traces of the people and demons who were in the room previously. It felt similar to the ghost-seeing ability in System Shock 2, and the Scrye ability from Clive Barker's Undying. On the whole, I do like what I see. Though it doesn't stand out as Wolfenstein: The New Order did in its presentation, it's still impressive. It is different from what I was lead to believe Doom 4 (or plain Doom, as they call it)was to be about. I've only just discovered why, thanks to the Doom wiki and the Kotaku article on Doom 4's development hell. http://kotaku.com/after-the-disaster-we-had-with-rage-because-they-made-s-468213583 I don't know what the final game will be like, or how well the story narrative will be written. I am interested. As a side note, I've been playing Doom 3 recently. I feel like I misjudged the game, because it plays better than I remember. There are elements in there which I feel System Shock 2 and Undying do better, but Doom 3 for me did a very good job on its atmosphere, gameplay, and design. I am playing the game on easy, and the enemies can't get annoying when they back you into a corner. I still Doom 3 could have used some more improvement, but I am impressed with what John Carmack and team managed to accomplish with that game.
  2. DeimosKnight

    Art Inspired by the Doom Bible

    Here's the finished product. Some color choices I'm not pleased with, but at least the picture looks clearer now. The characters below are taken straight from the Doom Bible, from left to right. I wanted to give them different color variations of the Doom Marine's armor, and suggest what kinds of weapons they like to use. Buddy Dacote: the guy that dies Age: 29 Weight: 202 Height: 6’2” Physical Description: Very fit and powerful, Buddy always wears a hat that says “BEOS” which stands for “Butt End of Space.” Caucasian with brown/Blond hair and green eyes. [I gave him the Doom Marine's green armor, with a skull symbol and the slogan "Born to Joke" on the armor. He gets the rocket launcher) Thi Barrett Age: 22 Weight: 130 Height: 5’6” Physical Description: Red-haired and trim, Thi (Pronounced “Tee”) has piercing blue eyes, and is stout but gorgeous. A toss of hair tends to fall over her forehead. She holds a bewitching dimpled smile in reserve until it proves useful. [I gave dual pistols and a shotgun strapped to her back] Dimitri Paramo Age: 37 Weight: 191 Height: 5’11” Physical Description: Bulky, slightly overweight greek-spaniard with swarthy but unkempt looks. Frizzly dark brown hair explodes and falls off his head. [I thought that him being a weird character, he deserved the chainsaw as his weapon of choice) Lorelei Chen Age: 27 Weight: 151 Height: 5’10” Physical Description: Muscular, tall woman, attractive, but has strangely too-intense eyes. Oriental featured in the brown eyes and black hair, which is drawn back into a large knot. Scar on left shoulder from rock-climbing accident. [I gave her a heavy duty long rifle] John “Petro” Pietrovich Age: 34 Weight: 190 Height: 5’9” Physical Description: Black balding man with thick eyebrows. Missing last joint of right ring finger. Brown eyes. [Rest assured, he does have a balding spot behind that hair. I gave him the Plasma Cannon] I tried to do the drawings fit the character descriptions as I could. Dimitri and Buddy are my favorites. As for the demons, the two dark red guys with the minigun arms are the Bruiser Brothers, the Blue Ox cyberdemon is the not so cool rendition of the Technodemon, the winged demon is the imp, the pale Doom guy with the shotgun is a Former Human, and the big lavender monster behind is the Demon General. The gigantic green hand on the moon behind with the reptilian is an ancient demon being awakened in space. I didn't know that Doom's original subtitle was Evil Unleashed. That does sound better. I was trying to go for a subtitle that made me think of games like Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (because the Doom Bible kind of was going for the type of games Looking Glass was making). They are not wearing speedos, but Doom Marine armor. They just didn't look as clear in the sketch as they are here. It was all colored by hand, though I didn't have the best colors nearby. I may want to recolor it again (fortunately I scanned the original). The reason I drew this was because I wanted to visualize what the characters would look like, and what weapons they would use. Looking at the Doom Bible again, the kind of experience Tom Hall was going for sounds like an episodic, fast-paced blend of System Shock, Half-Life, Rise of the Triad, and Duke Nukem. What effort it would take to develop on current Doom ports.
  3. DeimosKnight

    Art Inspired by the Doom Bible

    Sorry, I didn't know. I'll amend that the next time. And to answer your question, not everyone is skinny. The crazy haired mustached man with the chainsaw has a paunch belly. The sketches will look better realized when they're finished.
  4. DeimosKnight

    Art Inspired by the Doom Bible

    Awhile ago, I wanted to draw up some concepts inspired by the Doom Bible if I ever got to program a WAD of my own. I've got some rough sketches that I have yet to be fully colored, but I'm proud of the composition. The first is in the style of a game box cover, and features all the main characters who were originally to be in Doom, and some alternate versions of familiar demons. My ideal Doom Bible Wad is subtitled "The Hellish Moons," Two others are my artistic interpretations of the Techno Demon and the Demon General. The first is pretty much the Baphomet is Cyberdemon form, and the other is like a humanoid giant version of the Pinky. It'll look much better when it's colored.
  5. DeimosKnight

    System Shock Doom

    I recall a website for an attempted System Shock Doom TC long ago, but I can't find any trace of the site anymore (it was shut down by request from the IP holders). I myself have considered making an System Shock-inspired game with Doom's engine. I'm curious to see how System Shock's graphics, levels, enemies, and weapons would be recreated for the Doom engine. It's a shame no one still has completed such mod yet.
  6. DeimosKnight

    Doom 4 should have...

    I guess ambitious minds think alike, eh?
  7. DeimosKnight

    Doom 4 should have...

    How about borrow a bit from Super Metroid, the Mother Brain transformation, for the last boss battle? Bring back the Baphomet, have you defeat it after only four rocket blasts to the brain. After it's supposedly dead, it comes back to life, rips apart the wall, and we see the head attached to a titanic goat body, and its heading right for you! While it's stalking you, you're climbing the tops of derelict buildings and trying to aim some rockets into its brain in the process. It would destroy everything in its path, try to bite you, and then teleport multiple monsters to hinder you... That would be a really hard boss.
  8. DeimosKnight

    Discoloration in Ultimate Doom and Doom II

    You're right. It is Doom95. After reading the part saying that it is long outdated, I'm now even more confused with id. Why in cyerhell is id selling outdated ports of the two Doom games? I would much prefer to run it on DOSbox, if they just gave the game like they did Wolf and Spear. I'm beginning to think that id is really not caring too much about the quality of their products on their store site. 3D Realms is way more dedicated than id when it comes to selling their classic games with proper emulators. What is up with id's main site store? Thanks so very much for helping me, man. I'm glad that the Doom community is much more in tune with better ways to play Doom. Id needs quality experts on their site.
  9. DeimosKnight

    Discoloration in Ultimate Doom and Doom II

    So, what you're saying is that Lenovo laptops really don't have a graphics card, and the discoloration of Doom is caused by that? Great,
  10. So, I managed to buy both Ultimate Doom and Doom II from the id Software store, and I was surprised and impressed with the way their downloads were packaged. Unlike Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, which they did not bother to pack with a DOSemulator (you have to do the emulation yourself, which I found lazy on their part), Ultimate Doom and Doom II were designed to work on modern machines. They were equipped with a pre-game options menu where you could choose which level level to play (which is really awesome), your choice of video resolutions, and other cool options. You guys are probably already aware of this, so here's the problem. Whenever I play either game, they break out into crazy psychedelic colors. I read that such discoloration is caused by incompatible video cards, and I'm not quite sure my computer has any card. I am playing them with a Lenovo Windows XP laptop, so I'm wondering if id's package is more compatible with full hardware computers more than laptops. I managed to play both smoothly on the Doomsday engine, but I really want to play the Dooms as they were originally played. Is this problem familiar with anyone here? Is there a patch to rectify this problem, or is my machine just not compatible with the package? I think it's ridiculous that a game which could function on my laptop just fine with DOSbox or Doomsday, but it can't function at all well with id's own special emulator.
  11. Avoozl said: "They might mean not a recreation of the first Doom like Doom 3 was, judging by previously leaked screenshots it looks like it might be a recreation of Doom 2." (It would help if I knew where the quote button is on my user interface. I don't know how others are able to do it!) A recreation of Doom 2 would still count as a reboot, regardless. I certainly agree with the Doom 2 setting part, but I am more inclined to believe that it is a continuation Doom 2 rather than a recreation, because it would count as a sequel to Doom 3. Or maybe it could work as a standalone recreation, but it would still make it a reboot like Doom 3. Another quote: "Urgh, that seems awfully familar to DNF." Actually, I was thinking more in the lines of titanic versions of the kind of bosess you had in Quake 1. DNF's bosses were not puzzle based like the Baphomet, Shub-Niggurath, or Cthon. Well, that's what I would want, anyway. EDIT: Now I see the quote button, except it it's where the regular forum is, and not on the user interface!
  12. Actually, I was the first guy on this site to speculate before this forum thread began the Doom 4 was most probably a direct sequel to Doom 2. I had it posted originally, but then it was deleted for some reason. However, the moderator thankfully brought this thread into being, so we could discuss it. I wonder if he still has a copy of my first failed post. It was a dead giveaway when Todd said that it was neither a reboot nor a sequel "to Doom 3." He didn't necessarily say it was not going to continue the previous Dooms. The "not a reboot" part cancels out the belief that Doom 4 will be another reboot, so it's something in between. So, I logically deduced that it most probably be a sequel to Doom 2. For those who think it doesn't make sense, let me explain why it makes sense. Doom 3's main antagonist, Dr. Betruger, was dealt with in the expansion, so they couldn't continue Doom 3's story (not that it would be a hard thing to do). Also, as I've observed, Doom 3 was not seen too favorably by all Doom fans or gamers expecting more (even though it's just been re-released to prep players with hype), so id must've thought that they should return to Doom's roots with Rage technology they've created. I think they are deliberately moving away from Doom 3's story and look for a return to Doom 1+2's story and look for the fans. I think there's a passable story that could take place after Doom 2. The marine, after defeating the Icon of Sin, has to wade through the ruins of Hell to get back to Earth, and he emerges in a vast city which is overrun by the remnants of Hell, led by other uber-powerful demons like the Baphomet in certain districts. While simultaneously helping newfound survivors, the Marine must blast through the demonic hordes and defeat each of these enormous demons, who are just as hard to fight as the Baphomet (or worse). Their idea for Doom 4's story may be waaaaaaaaaay simpler than mine, but a Doomer can dream, right?
  13. hardcore_gamer, just because Aliens and Doom feature a corporation as being amoral or unethical, that doesn't make it anti-capitalist, or hateful of every single damn corporation. Usually, depictions of those kinds of corporations can be self-referential. Game companies certainly aren't guiltless. EA, for instance, has a infamous reputation for being a purely greedy corporation (based upon their rushed games and poor treatment of employees), and Bethesda is known for its overzealous impulse for lawsuits. Even Hollywood has a reputation of being motivated purely by profit, and I think the Weyland Corporation could be seen as a subtle jab at Hollywood business (as well as one of the corporations Gez mentioned). Keep in mind, I was being satirical when I claimed the UAC made a bargain with Hell to boost profits. No one's being ad hominem about corporations in the Doomworld forum, so relax. We all know that not all corporations are evil: only EA, IBM, SPECTRE, and that one corporation which Dilbert works for. (Just Joking!)
  14. DeimosKnight

    D3 A.I. Could Use a Rewrite

    I read that one of the reasons why Doom 3 was criticized was because the monsters were mainly script animated, and had nothing more to their A.I. behavior. That becomes painfully clear in some recent Doom 3 mods, where the enemies can't climb ladders, walls, or ceilings on their own accord. Since the source code to Doom 3 is released, I wonder if the A.I. can possibly be elevated to the expectation fans originally had for the game. How would one be able to successfully program a A.I. system which would allow the imps to crawl upon all surfaces on its own inclination, lurk in the shadows observing you patiently, and finding clever ways to attack you when you least expect it? Those capabilities for PC game A.I. probably haven't been invented yet, but what programming techniques do we have available now which could bring about significant improvments to Doom 3's A.I.? A pathway net system similar to HL2's (if that is possible to implement)? What can be done?
  15. The UAC in Doom, and most particularly in Doom 3, is modeled off of the Weyland-Yutani Company from Aliens. The most obvious example is in Doom 3 when Betruger claims that the UAC is only concerned about making money (which is what the Company in Aliens is also only concerned with). If id wanted to be even more closer to Aliens, perhaps the UAC thought that the denizens from Hell could make a pretty nifty superweapon? Non, that would make the UAC seem like a bunch of morons. Or-- What if the main staff of the UAC have made pacts with the demons already, for the promise of greater glory and wealth? That seems more likely, since every ominous business has established the Faustian Model as the most efficient way to be successful. Unless the demons decide to outsource the company to the deepest level of Hell... Yep. The UAC are run by morons.