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  1. Gorefest


    I have been MIA for a long ass time... fodders might remember me lol
  2. Gorefest

    worst doom TC EVER!!!

    [/quote]Don't let Jeremy see this.[/quote]?? DONT LEMME SEE WHAT ??!!!!!
  3. Gorefest


    Maybe its the system ? whats yer specs ? Im Pentium 3 580 ram geforce 3 20 gig hd
  4. Gorefest


    God I hate this OS, I hope none of you ever get it! I cant run hardly ANY old games I.E. Doom, Duke, Quake, God its lame, I have errors, glitches, sigh.....
  5. Gorefest


    WTF!!! Not all christians are fruity like that ! I sure in the hell am not ! Some people take religeons too seriously !!
  6. Gorefest

    nvidia GeForce3

    I got dat card too, kicks ass, I agree with you. Mwhahahahahhaaha lol
  7. Ive played Duke a helluva lot more than that lol, hell, im still making tc's fer it ! I make tc's fer almost everygame i play, public or not. Im making a Half Doomed tc, making half life into Doom, heh, but in my oppinnion, Doom will always be better than Duke 3d, Doom 3 will be better than Duke Forever, but I will buy both games any ways. I play ALOT of games. Ok im leaving now.... *walks through door*
  8. Gorefest

    Trouble at School with me and Doom...

    Pfft I go to a Christian school, and I listen to the band Static-X damn u should fucking see how people react when I wear it ! I get things yelled like "That band is satanic!" or "Static-X is a very evil band" and they have never fucking HEARD them! Isnt it against the bible to judge ? I mean damn just leve me the fuck be I say! (sorry fer the swearing it just pissed me off)
  9. Gorefest

    Off topic... sorta

    Ok this question is about the game Strife, any one know of any sites with like levels,walk throughs, or ANYTHING?? I'd appreciate the help.
  10. Gorefest


    How is it "unacceptable" ? Is there anything you can do about it ? NO so stop bitching! Just ignore his posts if you dont like him, god, you are so immature.
  11. Gorefest


    You Esco flamers are a bunch of fucking cry babies ! Just shut the hell up and leave Esco alone you fruits god damn, you immature bitches.
  12. Gorefest


    LEAVE ESCO ALONE GOD DAMNIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esco is cool man just cause he talks like that dosent mean shit ! Would you like it if we all flamed you and talked shit about you? I think not dumb ass
  13. Gorefest


    Racists can suck my ****
  14. Gorefest

    Note of importance to Voodoo users (any)

    Ummm I have a great frame rate with my Voodoo 5, maybe u have a crappy pc ? lol