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  1. With a setup and some practice you can reliably do rjs almost 100% of the time.
  2. Yes please, also a mapset from rdwpa would be awesome.
  3. At this rate slaughtermax will be released before sf13.
  4. This wad is definitely aiming to be a cacoward winner.
  5. Cybercontrol map32 max in 12:50
  6. Cybercontrol map16 max in 19:36
  7. The wad that got speedrunning banned. --- Italo-Doom map17 max 1:48
  8. That monster is a vile under the floor that's impossible to kill can be killed with splash damage if a cyber targets the monsters up there and you let them be resurrected several times.
  9. Cybercontrol map31 max in 4:31
  10. Cybercontrol map17 max in 5:20
  11. Cybercontrol map15 max in 6:21
  12. Cybercontrol map14 max in 9:54
  13. Cybercontrol map13 max in 7:35
  14. Cybercontrol map12 max in 2:16
  15. This run is really bad maybe I'll revisit this map some day to do a proper demo.
  16. You just can't post pictures like these and not give download links :(
  17. Map10 max in 2:15
  18. In eternal doom you take an eternity looking for mandatory camouflaged x switches but I don't that's the kind of gameplay you are looking for. Velapax has the best long maps imo without being unnecesarily grindy (like hh or okumap).
  19. I prefer the single run format cause that way I don't have to play e3.
  20. thankfully died in e2m2 to a secret crusher followed by secret damaging sectors, all maps blind except e1m8, looked in the wiki where the e1m3 secret exit was after running around 10 mins looking for it.
  21. the command is -warp 2 1
  22. I was secretly hoping for whitemare :(
  23. I am totally up for a no hud ironman run.
  24. Please not this midi :(