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  1. Yeah this guy kicks ass. Didn't realize the soundtrack for the PSX Doom games and Doom 64 all belonged to the same bloke. Really appreciated the sound in those games, I still knock up Doom PSX on my PSP actually lol.
  2. wow, ZDoom wars sounds epic this thread is the best thing ever, must be so many epic mods out there outside of Cacowards
  3. What is that screenshot from? Looks like Afterburner on drugs.
  4. that's a cool idea actually, a nightmare project you should make it for us ComicMischief, you should make it now or face the consequences
  5. no you don't you liar
  6. It's really fun but I have never completed the game in Nightmare. I love the mode, I always assumed it was impossible but watching that was really sweet.
  7. so his porn was uninterrupted this really is a mystery i believe
  8. .....n ..no! How can you even defend some cretin who doesn't like Doom? Inconceivable!
  9. I wouldn't really ignore them, just point out that they are a bunch of sissies who's asses are filled with cinema cocks. DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM DooM!
  10. That's true, but Plutonia and TNT felt original or exciting (like some of the cacoward and other projects) for some reason, Doom 2 just felt like new shotgun + random levels. The exception is NRFTL, I really like that episode. Oh and it's only a subjective view, no reason for setting knickers on fire!
  11. I'm gonna get shot here but... I thought Doom 2 was filler :O I much prefer Plutonia, TNT and Doom64 as new content, Doom 2 felt like a cash-in expansion. E1M1 forever! And yeah why not collect all the best of official maps? But how do you sort that out, polls? Competitions!
  12. Town of AQUAFORT! Will there be a town of LavaFort? Please? I really liked it, felt like there was a lot more than one level ahead. The map design is really fun, it looks like it branches off in 3 directions, but they are all connected and you can end up winding around and getting lost\disorientated. Which is good, otherwise maps can get a bit boring if they are too straightforward. I didn't notice the offending textures, I saw a very colorful portal and then the level ended :( From a non Heretic-er perspective it looked very nice anyway, communities can become a little insular and fuss over small things so go with your gut I think cause the map seemed very clean and polished. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't mindless either, it is meant to be the first level of an episode though so it shouldn't be balls hard up the ass anyway. Thumbs up for the combat areas though, I never got stuck on protruding geometry which happens all the time in modern shooters, and sometimes in Doom maps that are detail heavy\cramped. EDIT\ bahaha KUKUKUKU that was great, who would have thought that music would suit Doom, so relaxio.
  13. Yeah I got the impression it's better to do things properly from the ground up with Doom. After exams I'll go through some of the Tutorials out there, there's a lot of support for ZDoom modding thankfully :)
  14. That's really nice, I love the back of the box. Feels like more of a sequel than Doom 2 but... DooM64! Now let's play the other 63, sixty-three Dooms so fun fun
  15. I say leave it, it looks cool. Reminds me of the random setups you see in things like Transformers or G.I. Joe. Not meant to be realistic, just look cool and complicated!