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  1. BjarneC

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Indeed that was the one! Thank you!!
  2. BjarneC

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Hi there! Im looking for a specific Map in a mapset. It is a slaughtermap, with around 10k enemies if I remember correctly. Its part of a multilevel Wad. The level itself is like a giant arena/courtyard completely filled with enemies, and in each of the four corners you have a room with very tricky Vilefights in em. You need to find some keys too. I know ive seen the map on YouTube, but i cant find it again :S
  3. How do i find the Options? :D Using it in GZDoom.
  4. Confirmed from me to work together with Smooth Doom.
  5. BjarneC

    Lefty Doomers?

    Im one of the lefthanded doomers.
  6. BjarneC

    Doom 2 - Holy Hell Revealed

    Is there a best sourceport to play this in? In regard to its massive size. GZdoom freezes randomly for me :S
  7. BjarneC

    Doom - Mecca Of Madness (My first .wad)

    Glad you liked it! And thanks for clarify how those monsters works! Again, awsome maps and looking forward to the next release! May it be just as good, or better ;)
  8. BjarneC

    Doom - Mecca Of Madness (My first .wad)

    Yo! Found your maps, and I gotta say they are real good! M>ade a recorded playthrough of them , and im impressed! If this really is your first maps, I think you weill have a bright future in mapping! (I never asked if it was ok to record it, so if you want me to take the video down, let me know!) Watch it here:
  9. BjarneC

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Mabye i shall recionsider :D
  10. BjarneC

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Im aware some item will be way above my paygrade, but i figured there would be some cheaper stuff too? Or is it all expensive?
  11. BjarneC

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Ok, good to know. Thanks!
  12. BjarneC

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Im interested in different stuff,i want my collection to be wide. Ofc i want all the games, since that is the center of my love for the franchise :D Apart from that, books is fine, comics, toys and so on :D IM gonna try Ebay, then, and see whats there. How "safe" is Ebay? Lots of fake stuff?
  13. BjarneC

    Collecting Doom Stuff

    Im thinking about starting to collect various Doom Stuff and Collectibles. Now im wondering if any here know some cheap stuff to get the collection going? If it is any help, im a somewhat poor Swedish single Dad, with a shaky economy, so I want to go for the cheap stuff first :D So far i have Doom 3, 4, some plushies, a Tshirt and some books to Doom 4. Rip and Tear! Grateful for all tips and tricks about Doom Collecting. To clarify, I dont need all secrets or free stuff, just some tips and tricks to how to get a collection started :D
  14. BjarneC

    Doom Streams

    Hi there! i just started streaming some Doom when i get some time to spare :D You are all welcome to drop by if you feel like it! https://www.twitch.tv/bigbgaming EDIT: Might tell some more, im from sweden, im very chill, i do not scream and i try not to curse when i stream (sometimes i fail that) i do not play Icon of SIn levels of any kind. I dont like slaughtermaps, i play with Brutal Doom if possible i do not cheat on stream (unless map is broken or bugged)
  15. Hi! The maps are looking awesome! Downloaded the first 20 maps and played through the first few, and was amazed. You have caught that vanilla feel right on! Now I'm interested in livestreaming this (to see all the lvls and to share the fun and my opinions), do I need your permission or can I just go ahead? I dont know when I will get the time yet, but here is a link to my twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/psykopatmullvad73 Best regards!