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Dark X

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    2. Xeros612


      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good o- you're serious, aren't you.

    3. Technician


      I believe the release of Duke Nukum corrected this mishap.

    4. 40oz


      Did you make this all by yourself?

  1. Today I got a job at the local horror attraction.

    I'm playing Beetlejuice. Perfect.

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    2. Snakes


      If you see a father and daughter walking around, and don't tell him, "We've come for your daughter, Chuck," then I don't think you earned the part.

      It's a big responsibility. I'm trusting you with this.

    3. baronofheck82


      Do you by any chance work with a hot little Goth chick named Lydia? If so, take the first chance you get and fuck her :)

    4. Bucket


      ...While in costume!