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  1. Dark X

    Post a picture of yourself!

    You're fucking cute.
  2. Dark X

    Scariest moment of Doom

    ^ This. Any level in Doom where you can see into space/heavily scattered stars on a black sky is beautifully eerie.
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    2. Xeros612


      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's a good o- you're serious, aren't you.

    3. Technician


      I believe the release of Duke Nukum corrected this mishap.

    4. 40oz


      Did you make this all by yourself?

  3. Dark X

    Scary moments in videogames

    Here's a creepy one from Final Fantasy VII: When Cloud Strife is borderline molested by Mukki and his "family" of other middle-aged, body-building men while visiting the Group Room in Honey Bee Inn. If you deny the offer to join his "young Bubbys club" (????), he becomes very deeply saddened and responds with "Daddy's so lonely...". And so every time I replay Final Fantasy VII, I still go to the Group Room. It's tradition. It's just so... fascinating.
  4. Dark X

    Question for atheists

    I don't think it was really meant to be a joke. The sad truth? I think the Bible was and is, in all seriousness, a way to govern people. Just like the religions that preceded it. Religion was one of the first forms of government. One of the best ways to control groups of people is to lead them into fearing what is beyond them. Fearing what is more powerful than them. Fearing what has the ability and the desire to make them suffer-- not only in life, but after their life is over-- forever. God is the Man who controls other men. And as a minor note on that, it's funny to observe how religions draw from religions before them. They all have something in common, and it's not interesting in the way that "they could all be onto something". Just in the way that it's obvious that there was a little "inspiration". Anyway, mainstream religions like orthodox Christianity are so boring. Reading about other weird religions that exist in modern society is more exciting, I think. Christianity is just constantly acting as a dark cloud of awful feelings for me. It has such an evil air about it. I mean, how do you feel when you see a church? It makes me feel uncomfortable. I think it makes a lot of Christians uncomfortable too. And I think that's why it makes them comfortable. The wrath of God is the only thing some of these people will admit to being afraid of, and it's pathetic.
  5. Dark X

    Question for atheists

    This kind of shines in on how I feel about most theological religion as a whole-- it's the human test. The Bible lays out "sins", and upon really looking at them and studying them, you'll learn that everyone sins. This is because everyone is built to "sin". "Sin" is a pretty word for anything that could incite shame in a person. Things that feed the hedonistic human. Sinning is 100% necessary, and not in the way Christianity says it is. Lust: If you don't feel lust of some sort, you're doing something wrong. Or you're asexual. You, me, and everyone around us has sexual fantasies that run deep and strong. Funny how some of the more illegal/harmful ones are within men of the church. I can guarantee you that if I also repressed my sexual desires instead of acting upon them shamelessly, I'd be a child molester too. Gluttony: Not only is this sin based on ridiculously out-dated observations by less rich hunter/gatherer societies and similar groups, but it's one that tends to be one of the most obviously broken. Over-indulgence is something everyone does. Especially when there's no one to say "no". Greed: The simple existence of money. 'Nuff said. Sloth: Laziness and indifference in ones life is important. For greater issues such as depression, it is difficult to avoid. On a smaller scale, participating in "relaxation" could be make you Hell-worthy. Today, we don't need to do as much. We built things things to allow us to work less hard. So, in a sense, technology is humanity's tool to bring us into more inactivity. Wrath: There was a story of a woman who was so angry at the car wreckage that lay atop her son, that she mustered the great strength to physically remove it from over him. "Uncontrollable rage". What an evil bitch, right? Envy: You know what makes people do better at what they do? Seeing someone already doing it better. Pride: I'm not even going to explain how insulting it is that 1) this is considered an act of injustice, and 2) devoted Christians have this disgustingly small amount of self-worth. How can a rationally thinking person agree with the elimination of human pride? The Bible either really is a scripture that seeks to diminish its followers' natural self-worth so they surrender it to "God", or it's ridiculous on purpose. Over the past few months, I've been leaning towards the notion that the Bible's ludicrous suggestions and rules are so because it wants to emphasize that it doesn't work. Because it DOESN'T WORK. Without the above "seven deadly sins", humanity would have never progressed. So yeah, the portrayal of Gods being, well, assholes, is probably intentional. I always remember this: "God was created in the image of Man; not the other way around."
  6. Dark X

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I lie to people so that I can play Doom. Sometimes I lie to people about having played Doom. "I'd love to chat more, but I'm tired. I'm going to bed." = "I'm going to play Doom while you think I'm sleeping." "I had a lot of free time today." = "I played Doom for an unhealthy amount of time." "I'm busy with a lot of things." = "I'm playing Doom." "I was just chatting online all night, y'know." = "I was playing a Doom deathmatch with other people just like me, and the only thing we said to each other was 'GG'. It kicked ass."
  7. Dark X

    Is DooM timeless?

    Doom, in my opinion, is the best FPS ever made. I've never had as much fun with any other. Want fast-paced, no-crap, online shooting mayhem? Deathmatch on Doom. Bored? Have a friend over? Co-op all day. Want an intense single-player experience? Up the difficulty and stay on the edge of your seat playing Doom. And last but not least, Bored of the main game? The internet has mountains of WADs, and there's a lot of really good ones. I'll also add that nothing is more satisfying in video game history than the experience of firing off an SSG into a group of Zombies. The sound, the animation, the result... 100% therapeutic.
  8. Today I got a job at the local horror attraction.

    I'm playing Beetlejuice. Perfect.

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    2. Snakes


      If you see a father and daughter walking around, and don't tell him, "We've come for your daughter, Chuck," then I don't think you earned the part.

      It's a big responsibility. I'm trusting you with this.

    3. baronofheck82


      Do you by any chance work with a hot little Goth chick named Lydia? If so, take the first chance you get and fuck her :)

    4. Bucket


      ...While in costume!

  9. A forewarning: This is a pretty serious and graphic documentary that overviews the effects of child abuse, both sexual and psychological. Don't watch it if you're not prepared for it. Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME2wmFunCjU Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H55Oz92Kh-A&feature=related Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAAVjvTaRNU&feature=related I found this to be very interesting. It bothered me that I could relate to some of the things she was saying, and even some of the things she was doing, when I was a child. Her case is much more severe. Please do watch this and post your feelings on it. I think it's something everyone should watch.
  10. Dark X

    "Child of Rage" - The Documentary (1989)

    I remember things from when I was a little over 1 year old, and it happens to be an instance of abuse. It's a little foolish to call bullshit on something like this.
  11. Dark X

    Good deal or not?

    I don't remember if that was it or not, but I have the feeling it wasn't. I think it may have even been the game manual. :P
  12. Dark X

    Good deal or not?

    Fantastic deal. I was in a record shop (one that also sold little stupid items up front) and I found some manual for Doom II. I forget the price, but it was too much for me to give a fuck.
  13. Dark X

    Doom II is actually pretty great :-)

    lol'd Never had an issue with Doom 2. But I hate Mt. Erebus.
  14. Dark X

    The pros and cons of Playstation Doom/Final Doom.

    TC. What does it mean? /noob
  15. Dark X

    "Child of Rage" - The Documentary (1989)

    I think what bothered me the most was that she was being "rehabilitated" in a dipshit Baptist child soldier base. It's a miracle that she didn't grow up and kill. There's a similar story where all of this same shit happened, only the Christian imposition method didn't work at all. It usually doesn't. It just trains someone to be covert.
  16. Dark X

    "Child of Rage" - The Documentary (1989)

    They thought I was Bloodmaster X.
  17. Dark X

    "Child of Rage" - The Documentary (1989)

    Back from the dead, I am.
  18. Dark X

    playing PSX Doom on computer

    Remember, also, that the main Doom games, when compared to the Final Doom package, are different animals. Doom & Doom II takes more of a "Yeah! Fuck shit up, dude! But dude..." angle. Whereas Final Doom was a stranger dose of Hell from the norm. As I mentioned in another thread, the story (and general make-up) of the game came off pretty abstruse. Chilling in a way. Granted, Final Doom was not at all developed in the same mind nor place as its predecessors. I think Final Doom does best with unsettling ambiance. But FUCK ME if I'm trading the original Doom MIDI riffs for anything. Fuck that.
  19. Dark X

    Selling some Doom figurines

    If I had the money, I'd swipe these up. I'm a sucker for cool little trinkets like this.
  20. Dark X

    The pros and cons of Playstation Doom/Final Doom.

    I have never actually played the Doom port. I'm only familiar with the Final Doom one. I have no incentive to look into it it now, though.
  21. Dark X

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    When I play Doom, I am all over the place. I look like an Asian playing DDR at the boardwalk, only it's Doom. So I'm just kind of flinching every few minutes because demons are jumping out at me and I'm really into it.
  22. Dark X

    The pros and cons of Playstation Doom/Final Doom.

    Oh, I remember how pissed off I was when I couldn't find a Multiplayer option that made sense. "O ya we forgot, u need two playstashuns."
  23. Dark X

    The pros and cons of Playstation Doom/Final Doom.

    I got Final Doom on PSX when it came out. It did nothing but confuse the shit out of me. The double-project package of Final Doom didn't process to me as a kid and it seemed like I would start on a different level every time. Anyway, I can't stand playing Doom with a controller. I really can't stand playing any FPS with a controller. A game like Doom falls incredibly clunky with the PSX. The only thing I was fond of was that they polished up Final Doom's bare concept so well for the PlayStation that it was actually pretty creepy and disturbing. The storyline inside the manual was, in the best way, eyebrow raising. And the new ambience they added was creepy as motherfuck. Fantastic. Regardless, the annoyingly difficult and foreign controls and the password shit settles the score, really.
  24. Dark X

    Scariest moment of Doom

    My dad introduced Doom to me around 1994 maybe through a disc we received in the mail. It was full of first episodes for a ton of great Apogee and id shareware. Anyway, Doom intrigued me incredibly deeply and it also scared the shit out of me. I would often watch or "help" my dad play it (I was like 2 or 3) because he made me feel safe around it, so I began to grow more of an appreciation. I think one of the most frightening parts, honestly, is reading the vague horror storyline and then booting up the game. You, alone, every other guy is dead. Believe it or not, I was way more afraid of Wolf3d.