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Status Updates posted by CacoCaddy

  1. Is that like in the last 15 minutes or last day? Because that's a lot

    Most users ever online was 9847 on 02-15-15 at 10:24.

    That is seriously a huge amount, is that even right?

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    2. geo


      I know from managing other websites, reddit and 4chan drive hundreds to thousands in 15 minutes, but it dies quick.

      Just speaking in general... Know what never drive's traffic? Twitter. 100,000 followers. No one gives a fuck.

      Facebook drives a lot of traffic.

    3. CacoCaddy
    4. Linguica


      CacoCaddy said:

      Ahh, okay. Linguica is a nerd.

      wow no shit what gave it away??

  2. Welcome back prower

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    2. CacoCaddy


      Just talked to my main negro, Prower, he said to expect Spire 3 very soon!

    3. Quasar


      REAL old school is if you remember JFL's army of efnet bots, and Ricrob and his girlfriend, and Kayin's Ninja Doom project that was never finished :P

      EDIT: Or if DVS01 ever sent you a picture of a goat via DCC file transfer...

    4. Giomancer