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  1. bcwood16

    SP Stuff

    Actually, it wasn't an imp (if I recall) it was a Maggot...a particularly nasty one I like to call Harry, he didn't kill all of Bravo team because in BFG edition "the lost missions" you play as one of the team who manage to kill a fair few monsters to be fair :p Also I love playing as only guy who can take on Hell ....it makes me feel hard core and special hehe
  2. bcwood16

    SP Stuff

    No no no! No friendly AI that would mean the player being given stupid fetch or pull lever quests, the AI will die in a silly predictable scripted sequence! It's dull! The only thing I would find exceptable and the way I would start Doom is you enter the complex with a few buddies, they hand you the pistol and as you are the new recruit are told to guard the door, they run in with all the decent weapons, the door closes. You hear them scream and die in horrible ways. ....now it's up to you with only your pistol. Kill kill kill
  3. bcwood16

    Older Doomers Opinions

    I'm on the fence with MP but I have always been a SP guy. I loved DOOM, DOOM 2 and Ultimate. Play them very regularly, I also love Doom 3, sure it needed a few mods to get it just right (my opinion). I just can't really tell how much I will love Doom (16) until release. I do have high hopes and from what I have seen it does look good. My only concern is that for me Doom was very much about killing large amounts of enemies of various types with powerful weaponry and the gore....yes the gore needs to be plenty! From playing the beta the weapons feel weak and I didn't really notice much gore. Often I SSG some dude up close only to hear a gib, but not really see much....just something shoot off quickly and dissappear, I want to see the wall covered in blood with identifiable and some unidentifiable body bits laying on the floor with bloody skid marks and twitching limbs, I want to see the last spurts of blood pumping from a ligament while a thick oozing blood pool slowly thickens and begins to ooze away. I want to then notice my SSG covered in blood and my hands leaving sticky finger marks behind. Though to be fair I don't want blood stuck on the screen, that's really annoying and distracting from the pleasurable gibbing moment. I want to then have that moment where after killing everything in a room in a violent fight for your life situation and you look around enemies dead, body parts everywhere gore just sloshing about, that satisfying feeling of bad ass accomplishment!! Then doing that again in the next room....and the next ....and the next etc etc I just hope it's gory enough! If not..,well....I hope we can mod the hell out of it.
  4. bcwood16

    Mancubus Drawing.

    Wow, really impressive. I love all of the stuff on your site. Really wish I could draw, my sister is good, but I can't even draw identifable stick men. Guess you have the genes or you don't, I don't think you can be taught to draw, not like that anyway. Your very talented, out of interest how long does it take to draw a piece....roughly.
  5. bcwood16

    colour customisation over the top?

    Yea I guess, SP and muliplayer are very different experiences. Sure I don't mind people expressing their look with bright colours, but seems all the colours are bright! Think I got to level 12 or something and unlocked lots of colours, but didn't want to use any at all, I'm bright co.our sort of guy, I like dark dingy colours like race green, dark orange along with gray and black. Anyway, it was a beta so who knows what colours will be available and when. Guess I could tone down bright colours by adding dirt and scratches
  6. Been playing the beta and am enjoying aspects of it. I'm mainly interested in the single player campaign. I don't play many Muliplayer games so hard to compare, but what's with the customisation of colours?! I don't mind the unlocking of customisation the higher level you unlock (though I think Doom should all be equal and just frag). However, the colours are just so bright and some patterns look silly. It seems the higher level you get the more brighter the colour and crazy the pattern. This results in high level players boasting by saying "hey look! I'm brighter, so I'm a higher better player then you".....if you get my drift! This is Doom, not some kind of COD paint ball mod! It just feels off, some players just look like dancing clowns. Am I over reacting or does it bother others....maybe this is just normal for MP nowadays?
  7. bcwood16

    DOOM Collector's Edition Thread

    I ordered collectors edition for PC (love anything DOOM)....didn't know about the guide book!! will have to see if I can upgrade my order, don't think it was available at the time....doh!
  8. bcwood16

    Spider Mastermind's Brother

    I have always thought opposite, I always hated the look of the plasma gun and the way it fired. It was useful, but due to its ugliness I often did not use it. Also as it used the same ammo for the BFG I often saved it for use on that. I much preferred Doom3 Plasma Gun, though not saying that was perfect, but it was cool. I think that model should be put into the Doomsday Engine once its textures are done....would look cool :)
  9. bcwood16

    Doom Year Resolutions 2014

    Wow most peoples resolutions seem to be to finish Doom maps! Guess its a good excuse to try to get motivated and get those things you keep meaning to do finally finished!
  10. bcwood16

    Spider Mastermind's Brother

    A friggin huge heatsink!! Thats my two cense anyway :) Maybe it should start to glow a little reddish after extended firing
  11. bcwood16

    Spider Mastermind's Brother

    It looks like he has been electrocuted! Also it looks like an upside down UK plug socket were the weapon should be. Maybe he electrocuted him self trying to plug something into him self......ok that sounded dirty!
  12. bcwood16

    Where did Martianbuddy go?

    Na, I'm pretty sure its because of console that the save system is messed up in the first place. Its exactly the same on console, don't see how that would make a difference apart from longer loading times, lower resolutions and less sharp textures :( Anyway....
  13. bcwood16

    Your most frustrating moment?

    If some walls need to be shot to activate a door or soothing, does firing a BFG cover more wall area or maybe the splash effect from a rocket launcher or must it be a direct impact on the wall (linedef).....in fact does any weapon work?
  14. bcwood16

    Where did Martianbuddy go?

    lol - some games it was like Russian resolute, after pressing it and then wanting to go back would the game display the picture or just a blank screen, would the sound jam, would the mouse curser get stuck, would it blue screen the computer or just freeze up....who knew! It also greatly depended on computer hardware, what one may be able to do may be disastrous for another. Should always make sure you save before trying such a thing.....thats if you can....Bioshock Infinite! Sorry going off topic a moment, whats up with the save system on that game! Just got it in Steam Sales and OMG the save system is just terrible, basically it uses check points only and they are very very very far apart! I often play for a quick 20 maybe 30 min session then quit. When I load back up I have lost most of that progress, no quick saves in about 35 to 40 mins a time. I have played hours and hours of this game and getting bored as I have to re-play large parts over and over and actually I'm only 2 hours in.....sorry but I do have a life and don't plan to play for hours at a time......its totally ruined the otherwise pretty decent game so far. One level I played 3 times getting a little further each time before having to quit. My last save point was just 2 seconds around the corner from when I last quit the last time.....frustrating!
  15. Big messy wet splats are just simply the best! I loved Soldier of Fortune back in the day (obviously lol), loved the gore and local damage to people....just awesome! I don't remember the Microwave gun :( though I know I must have used it as I completed the game so many times. Maybe I need to see if it will run on modern hardware with widescreen and Win 7 64bit, could be a lot of hassle and will look bad compared to the graphics wonders we have now.