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  1. Hello!!

    Been looking for a new job for a while now, I'm just ready to move on from were I am, I have certainly got everything I can from my current job!

    Anyway, I saw a great IT job at the Land Registry a few weeks ago. I applied by having to fill in pretty much an essay on their core values. It took a week of planning, research and writing, but it paid off as it got shifted through to the dreaded 'interview' stage! - YAY At least thats a step in the door.

    I was advised I would be given an IT test and if I pass, move onto a telephone role play exercise and then if I pass that onto an interview about all their core values and on the essay I pretty much submitted originally (so I needed to know that inside out)

    I spend pretty much the week following up to it on revision on the company, googling all the possible questions you may have and even given my self those silly IT tests you get on-line to test your knowledge. I worked my ass off to prepare so I could give it my 'best' shot ever!

    So on the day I get there on time, I'm suited up and looking good and I know all my stuff and am as prepared as I can ever be! Really excited about this job!

    So my first activity is the IT test, I'm not too worried as I know my stuff...but obviously anxious! I read the first question and had obsoletely no idea what the fuck I was reading! It went on about ASCII key characters and button presses, which I do understand, but not in the way this was written.....the paragraph was really oddly put together. You then read four sentences which are about this paragraph and then state if each sentence is 'Mostly True', Mostly False' and 'Impossible to say' Each sentence was written oddly too. The whole test was like this. I had a really hard time comprehending the paragraph and stating what was true or False. This was not actually an IT test, but a verbal reasoning test, disguised as an IT test. Easy for some, but as a kid I suffered from dyslexia quite badly and was held back at school as at the time they didn't understand it. Either way I have never let this get in my way of my jobs and don't even tell people about it, in fact I bet most my work colleagues don't even know I have it. However, due to this I find these 'Verbal Reasoning' tests hard.

    So after that I was told I passed! OMG...this HAD to be dumb luck! I was 100% sure I had failed.....I only passed 'just' though!

    So next the telephone role play exercise! Now this was my strength as I do this all the time for my current job, fixing technical problems over the phone and being very patient with all sorts of people. In fact I have been told many times now good I am. I also nearly always fix the issue over just one phone call. I am pretty good at this! However, this exercise was just plain stupid, it made no sense, I was rushed as I had to fix issues with in 2 minutes, while also taking ID number of customer, location, decryption etc etc. I was literally being timed with a stop watch! I finished the call just! I was feeling confident about the result, so I awaited my result......I failed and was sent home with no interview. Apparently I rushed! WTF!!!

    So now I'm really upset and angry as I feel I was not even given a chance! I didn't even get to the interview that I prepared for all week! I had some fantastic stuff to show them and talk about. I feel I was discriminated against for my dyslexia (that I never let effect my job) and some stupid telephone exercise says Im not suitable to fix issues over the telephone, even though that is in fact one go my stronger attributes!

    Now my partner who works in a similar office environment to the Land Registry could have got further then me without a doubt! Even passing the interview and being a possible candidate for selection, yet there is no way she could do the job as she does not know how to fix computers!

    Im just baffled with what employers are looking for now a days. What a waste of time all that was for me! I wouldn't be so hurt if I at least made it to the interview!

    My confidence has really been knocked now! I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it has, I WANTED my interview! I worked hard preparing for it.....guess hard work does not pay off after all.....not even a little!

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    2. fraggle


      Maes said:

      The only certain thing is that they certainly DO have more power and decision-making weight than what the "good" scenario would have you believe, otherwise why would people bother with them at all?

      Depends on the company. At companies that know what they're doing, hiring decisions are made by people who are best qualified to evaluate technical ability - ie. other engineers. I don't dispute the fact that most companies are not this way and have no idea how to hire people effectively: in fact, I've explicitly stated this multiple times in this thread.

    3. Maes


      fraggle said:

      Depends on the company. At companies that know what they're doing, hiring decisions are made by people who are best qualified to evaluate technical ability - ie. other engineers. I don't dispute the fact that most companies are not this way and have no idea how to hire people effectively: in fact, I've explicitly stated this multiple times in this thread.

      Well, to be fair a company that actually involves a generic HR person in a specialized interview process would be a bit of a WTF...most horror stories about HR however seem to come from another practice: long, LONG before reaching the interview stage, the job of thinning out the Big Pile of CVs falls on HR people, and a sort of arcane lore about how a CV should be written has been created.

      Horror stories of how "those HR bastards" bin a CV based on a whim, on seemingly arbitrary or unfair criteria, or simply how huge automated systems weed out CVs simply based on the (lack of) certain keywords, has lead to great confusion. Just look for "CV writing tips" and notice how most seem to be geared towards not displeasing the HR Overlords or surviving the Big Automated CV Mecha Mincer In The Sky.

      Tips like forcibly including "hot" keywords, customizing each CV for each application down to the point of rewriting it etc. are not unusual, but IMO they reek of desperation and shooting blindly and are -also- the byproduct of FUD sparked by the "black box" nature of the hiring mechanisms -all that most candidates know, is that there's a veritable Sphinx called the HR team that will have to get those 100, 1000 or even 10000 CVs down to a manageable level BEFORE they even get to the actual shortlist based on tech expertise, let alone securing an interview.

      There might be some truth to that -there's no telling how many people which would be fit for a job didn't get shortlisted because of an overzealous "bulk CV weeding-out" process, without getting a fair chance to be interviewed by the techs they'd be working with. The HR manager usually is considered to be personalization of this mechanism, ranked in the same league with solicitors, tax collectors, fiscal auditors, judges, forum administrators ( ;-) ) and has ascended to near-mythical status. As with any poorly-understood authority figure with the power to significantly affect others' lives, he/she will certainly end up being loathed and feared.

      What would you think of ANY process, if I told you that at some point its outcome will depend on a mysterious black-box mechanism, a complex bureaucratic grinding machine or simply from the whim of an official authorized to act on undisclosed criteria (maybe even from a combination of the above)? Certainly, you could always appeal to reason, comfort yourself that in the end the selection will be done by rational human beings and there MUST be certain rules etc. but in general, it's one of those games were you can do everything correctly yet still "lose".

    4. AndrewB


      Damn CV is a stupid acronym. I can't bring myself to call those things that.