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  1. Well I only uploaded the patches I use on Fallout 2 after I install it on Steam to my drive.
  2. I do that with previous smartphones. My HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6.1 helped me move a lot of files easily before I started using cloud storage
  3. Dr. Durr

    Good MIDI arranger?

    Anvil Studio
  4. I upload backed-up CDs to my Google Drive. I am kinda scared to do it with Fallout 2 and Windows 95.
  5. I'm getting a new hard drive, and will be reinstalling Steam games. This might be my last post.
  6. Dr. Durr

    Doom 3 For Android

    I had recently got a new phone, and searched around for source ports. I got Doom 1,2, and Final runing with prbomm4droid. Wit the source code out, I got curious and looked up Doom 3 for Android and found two different ports. DIII4A is a port with touch controls, and from what I can gather, runs good enough on high end devices. The page is Russian, and Google Translate only got me so far when figuring out how to set it up. http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=330329&st=480 The other one I found seems to be down, so here is the blog of the developer of the port. http://omcfadde.blogspot.co.uk/
  7. Dr. Durr

    Quake 2 N64 Official Soundtrack Release!

    Playing the Steam version these days, i forget Quake II had music during the levels.
  8. Dr. Durr

    Has Doom aged well?

    It's aged better than Wolf3D, which I do think aged well, despite the engine's limit.
  9. Dr. Durr

    Who likes Macs?

    Now that most of my Steam Library is on Mac these days, I would mind using it again.
  10. Dr. Durr

    D3 A.I. Could Use a Rewrite

    Id love to see the zombie soldiers behave more like the HECU in the first Half-Life.
  11. Dr. Durr

    They took my baby!

    All I know this was the only scene that actually creeped me out.
  12. Dr. Durr

    Videos of first time playing Doom

    1998-ish: I see it for the first time. 2008-ish I hack my Wii and see Doom in the Homebrew Browser, and I get it with the shareware Doom 1, memories flood back. 2013- I own and have played Doom 1-3 and Final Doom at least several hundred times each.
  13. Dr. Durr

    Video games which emphasize internal stuggle

    New Vegas really made me question what I was doing, I felt a tad bit awful for killing caravan owners because I needed supplies but was low on caps. EDIT: NOVA 3 really focused on the main character wanting to simply leave while being dragged deeper in a galactic battle involving mysterious beings.
  14. Dr. Durr

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have something similar with Wolf3D maps I make. I couldn't make anything that didn't get too mazelike or unintentional fake difficulty with hitscan bullet hell. I just moved on to Multimedia Fusion 2 and am working on a platformer with NES-ish visual limitations. 8x8/8x16 sprites, 4 colors each sprite using the pallete I found on Wikipedia.
  15. Dr. Durr

    Steam Market Place... Thoughts?

    Would F2P player be able to sell TF2 items? I stopped sharing an account with a relative when I built up a decent library of games for myself, but TF2 was not one of those games I bought, and I don't really want to upgrade since I don't play TF2 much anymore.
  16. Dr. Durr

    Metro 2033 FREE until 16th.

    This went free the day after I bought it.
  17. Dr. Durr

    So do you guys like Wolfenstein 3D?

    I agree with you on all but this. I don't quite like Wolf3D on iOS, it felt like the Jaguar version minus the flamethrower and missile launcher.
  18. Dr. Durr

    Seal Team Six gives secret info to EA

    I dunno, Black Ops 2 actually looks a bit interesting. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for sci-fi.
  19. Dr. Durr

    Fellow xbox players now can use internet explorer

    I believe the original was just a cut down Windows 2000, to my understanding.
  20. Dr. Durr

    PS3 Hacked...Again.

    I'm still waiting for the PS2 Classic emulator gets hacked, I wanna play Half-Life on my PS3 Slim, the big one just died.
  21. Dr. Durr

    Scariest/ creepiest moment

    I honestly can't think of anything. I can list a few moments in the originals where I jumped out of my seat.
  22. Dr. Durr

    Halloween Horror Nights

    Gonna cut my hair, sew a jumpsuit, and go as the Vault-Boy from Fallout. EDIT: This isn't the general holloween thread? Damn.
  23. Dr. Durr

    Anyone ever play Silent Hill?

    I tried Afraid of Monsters because I hear it was like Silent Hill. Does Silent Hill have jumping in a dark room near the start? Dying for the millionth time gets annoying.
  24. Dr. Durr

    What did scare you on doom when you were little?

    Arch-Viles, and the E1M3 blue key ambush. Actually, Arch-Viles still give me the heebie-jeebies.
  25. Dr. Durr

    Video Game Related Pictures/Videos

    Poor man's holodeck