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  1. Dan50

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    Loving the Doom 2 progress on Youtube!
  2. Dan50

    PSX DOOM CE Playstation DOOM Reloaded EDITION

    Stumped across a video of this on Youtube! This looks amazing, I LOVE how every enemy makes a falling sound on death, it always bugged me the demon and spector only had it in OG Doom.
  3. I'm on level 10 and still can't find a darn backpack haha.
  4. Just to use for fun, I can play the game no prob, beat them multiple times, but sometimes I just like messing around.
  5. Dan50

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Chess Doom, instead of fighting you play a game of chess with every monther
  6. I want to check out the textures and stuff in this version but I forget the command line.
  7. Dan50

    Ultimate Doom WAD idea

    I would play that seems fun :D
  8. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    Remapped it and I am now able to turn them off I can toggle smash mode and rip and tear :D. Also setting infinite ammo to true still wastes ammo for the plasma and shotgun.
  9. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    I have the R button set as jump for me. Is there any other way I can turn off the fatalities?
  10. I can't just extract, drag and drop the wad file into it like the others?
  11. Goes to some type of DOS install.
  12. Yes. But I don't know how to get the maps off the disk for the Master levels.
  13. I got the disk from someone at Amazon (already have Doom 2 wad from the Doom CE) and don't know how to get the files I need.
  14. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    Using GZDoom and the GZDoom version of this mod.