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  1. Just to use for fun, I can play the game no prob, beat them multiple times, but sometimes I just like messing around.
  2. Dan50

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Chess Doom, instead of fighting you play a game of chess with every monther
  3. I want to check out the textures and stuff in this version but I forget the command line.
  4. Dan50

    Ultimate Doom WAD idea

    I would play that seems fun :D
  5. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    Remapped it and I am now able to turn them off I can toggle smash mode and rip and tear :D. Also setting infinite ammo to true still wastes ammo for the plasma and shotgun.
  6. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    I have the R button set as jump for me. Is there any other way I can turn off the fatalities?
  7. I can't just extract, drag and drop the wad file into it like the others?
  8. Goes to some type of DOS install.
  9. Yes. But I don't know how to get the maps off the disk for the Master levels.
  10. I got the disk from someone at Amazon (already have Doom 2 wad from the Doom CE) and don't know how to get the files I need.
  11. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    Using GZDoom and the GZDoom version of this mod.
  12. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    Has anyone else noticed items/enemies being a bit glitchy when on the ground and flickering? Also with the infinite ammo on in GZDoom some weapons still use ammo, such as the super shotgun in single barrel blast mode and plasma rifle in shotgun mode.
  13. Dan50

    Brutal Doom 0.11 (now 0.14, check ST link)

    Love the blood spatter during the head shots on enemies.
  14. Dan50

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    This mod RULES!!! I can't wait till the next version comes out. 0.9 is a blast to play and this pumps new energy into the game. :D Chaingun is awesome and LOVE how the plasma gun fries them to a crisp hehe.