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  1. REAPER2781

    I can't play with multiple WADs

    I used to be able to play mutiple wads with Skulltag and zdoom but now I can't,I would highlight the wads I wanted to play,put them over zdoom or Skulltag and then it would highlight the icon and the name and if I let go,it would play but not anymore. Now I can only play with one WAD at a time. Does anyone know how to fix this? A few days ago,I had a RAM error and everything was gone. Files,applications,etc. I could only use the internet and my Virus blocker and deleter were also gone so I was vulnerable to viruse. After a few days of looking for other stuff in my computer,almost everything had returned,my Doom files,my music,etc. but a few file were still gone. Did this have something to do with it?
  2. REAPER2781

    Anyone know this WAD?

    Yeah,it was that one,thank you.
  3. REAPER2781

    Anyone know this WAD?

    I had it in my computer and then it broke so I no longer have it (of course). Does anyone know what it's called? I can describe it... I didn't play much of it. Doomguy was wearing black gloves instead the brownish gloves and had the same wristband as the one from Strife. I only remember one gun,it was the pistol from GZDoom Weapons advanced except it shot blue lasers.