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Everything posted by yuri04

  1. yuri04

    invisible walls

    how can i create an invisible wall so that the monsters on the other side can't see or hear me? thanks
  2. yuri04

    invisible walls

    i've tried making one but everytime i edit the linedefs the surrounding sectors disappear
  3. yuri04

    my second map

    hi everyone. not much to say, this is my second map and i'd appreciate comments as usual. it's a E3M1 replacement, and i know it might not look particularly hellish but it's supposed to be the first map of an entire episode replacement(hopefully), and i plan on having more and more hellish environments as the episode progresses. http://www.mediafire.com/download/2raty6zm40gmr8r/hell+e3m1.wad please play and comment!
  4. you've probably already seen tons of threads like this. this is my first map and since i'd like to make more, i wanna know if i have any chance at mapping or i'm hopeless. please give me feedback http://www.mediafire.com/download/545kx3rc74ig5eh/map01_try.wad
  5. yuri04

    i need advice on my first map

    [QUOTE]mouldy said: Bumpy floors look cool, but will annoy some people. I've found that where zdoom smooths out the bumps quite a bit as you move over them, prboom is a lot more jerky. . [/QUOTE what do you mean by "bumpy floors"?
  6. yuri04

    i need advice on my first map

    thanks everyone for their comments. and yes, i think i've used too many kinds of textures too- but i had lots of ideas in mind when i was making the map, so maybe i mixed them up a bit. i have another question though,do you guys think the map is balanced ammo-wise and health-wise? i add that the map is supposed to be playable from pistol start.
  7. yuri04


    so if final version is the one in this thread,the names of the maps on the automap are wrong too
  8. yuri04


    i can't figure out which version is the latest one. the one in this thread and the one on the dw megawad club seem to have different map orders
  9. yuri04

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    i nominate Beyond Reality and Coffee Break
  10. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    i'm playing on ultra violence and the i can't see the platform
  11. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    yes that's exactly where i am, thanks! the platform doesn't appear though.
  12. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    am i supposed to see it? because i can't see any floating platform in the green room with the switch. anyway i agree, i absolutely love this wad but i hate when it's hard to understand what to do.
  13. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    yes, i went on the conveyer belt and reached the room at the end of it, but i don't know how to reach the switch there.
  14. yuri04

    Threshold Of Pain II - ACT 2 RELEASED

    i haven't heard of this wad for a long time, so how's the work going?
  15. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    i'm on map05, and i had to cheat to get the red key in map04 cause i couldn t understand what to do. i started this new map and i'm stuck again, i'm having a hard time figuring out how to get the yellow key. the wad's awesome but i'm getting more discouraged by the day lol.
  16. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    thanks, i thought my zdoom version was too old.i gotta download a newer one
  17. yuri04

    Beyond Reality! - Try it today!

    i just can't get it to work.does anyone have the same problem?
  18. yuri04

    icon of sin

    has a wad whose final level is not an icon of sin battle ever been created?
  19. yuri04

    girls who play doom

    does anyone know any girls who play doom or at least know it or like it? i don't. maybe there are a few in this forum lol
  20. yuri04

    Your Favorite WAD

    i really enjoyed 2002 a doom odyssey, its level design was perfect though maybe a little bit repetitive. also liked threshold of pain, the rebirth and as regards IWADS, i like evilution.
  21. yuri04

    tired of hr style wads

    everytime i pick up a new wad i find something like hr, with hordes of monsters almost impossible to get through. since i'm not the best doomer you may expect,and i think dealing with 100+ monsters in a single room is quite irritating, are there any wads which are still challenging but not impossible? the only wads that matched my taste were 2002: a doom's odyssey, the rebirth and wos for some maps.
  22. yuri04

    How do you play MAP07 dead simple?

    super shotgun and rockets do their job.
  23. i wanted to play the master levels again and heard about this menu interface to play them easily, but i can't make it work. when i select a map it just tells me that it was "unable to open X map" and when i exit, i have a messagge saying zdoom has encountered an error and needs to close. what can i do about that?
  24. yuri04

    help with master levels menu interface

    hey i finally mananged to do it thanks to your instructions! i know it wasn't that hard but for me who can barely turn a pc on was extremely confusing! thanks a lot again :)
  25. yuri04

    help with master levels menu interface

    when i unzip the file, the only thing i have is a file called "ZDMLMENU.PK3" but can't really find the other ones. and also,what do you mean by adding the master level maps folder to ZDMLMENU.PK3? what should i do to start it then?