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  1. Horus

    IronEagle Competition 61: Grim Ripper

    Cat 1 Skill UV Dead on map 04 No redos Kills: 84/144 Time: 26:00 (entered map 04 at 22:01) horus_ironeagle_2023_12.zip
  2. Cat 1: Died on Map 8 with 81/187 kills Finished Map 7 at 1:00:22 horus_ironman_2023_12.zip
  3. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    Since Realms of Chaos 25th Anniversary Edition is currently leading the vote, I wanted to clarify with @dobu gabu maru that it would indeed be eligible since it is an update of the original Realms of Chaos which was already played by the club in 2013. Judging by the text below from the DW thread, I’d lean towards it being different enough to be eligible but interested in dobu’s thoughts: “This revised and recharged version of the classic wad features new graphics and sprites, an included DeHacked patch with original story sequences and automap names, and a major facelift to every single map with permission from the original creators. The fights are badder, the progression is clearer, the lighting is sharper - but the original soul is wholly intact, and it remains 100% vanilla compatible!”
  4. Horus

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe

    Dead on map 3 at around 3:50 F. horus_nmlite_2023_11.zip
  5. Horus

    IronEagle Competition 60: Bad Idea

    Cat 1 UV Dead map 14 with 39 kills horus_ironeagle_2023_11.zip
  6. Category: 2 (I vaguely recall this, I think it was picked for Ironeagle before maybe?) Died on Map 03 Kills: 125 Time of death: around 28 mins horus_ironman_2023_11.zip
  7. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: I C H I N I C H I

    +++Garrulismo +++Good Morning Phobos +++Operation Biowar, Equinox
  8. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Sign of Torment

    +++Garrulismo +++Good Morning Phobos +++Nostalgia
  9. Horus

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDAUSTIN: Disables the exit in the map
  10. Horus

    NM-Lite Contest: Speed of Doom

    Dead on: MAP02 Kill count: 40/62 Time of death: 5:41 Well, I got one map further than I thought I was going to, so that's something :P horus_nmlite_2023_10.zip
  11. Horus

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    Right, so going back to rd’s post earlier, that suggests you’re an example of a ‘specialist’ that enjoys a particular gameplay style. So in that case the cacowards would be more useful for you to pick and choose mapsets from that match that particular gameplay style.
  12. Cat 2 Difficulty: UV Dead on: MAP03 Kills: 58/142 Time on Map02 exit: 25:59 When I noticed the ceiling lowering it was already too late :') horus_ironeagle_2023_10.zip
  13. Cat 1: Dead on: Map 01 Kills: 15/49 My performance was....unwelcome horus_ironman_2023_10.zip
  14. Horus

    Should I replay ALL cacoawards

    The Doom mapping scene has developed greatly in recent years. The average mapset these days, Cacoward or no Cacoward, tends to have better gameplay (and visuals) than 2000s era Cacowards imo, and arguably a fair amount of the 2010s as well.
  15. Horus

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Dead on map 8 because I didn't know where to go (I've played Scythe 2 before, but didn't remember a lot of the progression). An absolute miraculous save at the end of map 4, very lucky not to die there. A fun concept! Compared to Ironman/Ironeagle, it (to its benefit) forces much more aggressive play, but definitely also more significantly favours foreknowledge. horus_nmlite_2023_09.zip