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  1. @ukiro makes sense, I mean with some exceptions, the master levels weren’t great
  2. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    I’ll be back next week and fully intend to finish this set. Not sure what reputation Russian maps have but I’d say this mapset is at least as good as the average community megawad I’ve played so far, if not better
  3. Horus

    Memento Mori Download

    Also suggest you take a look here https://www.doomworld.com/10years/ and here https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/
  4. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    L12 – Village of the Black Sun This is more like it. A small space but a lot of action packed into it. And a welcome change in theme from the first 11 maps too, as we leave the techbases behind for something with more of a gothic feel. I started this one with low health so had to tread carefully, taking care of the fortified hitscanners bit by bit. Once the central area is cleared, then it is a matter of getting each skull key, each one guarded by a trap, and each trap harder than the previous (but none of the traps are that difficult to deal with). Seeing the yellow skull key right below the red skull key was a little strange, I thought surely I won’t be getting one straight after the other. Sure enough, Memfis had a plan, as switches trigger lowering of the water to collect the keys. The ending was a little anticlimactic, with a single spectre guarding the exit. The use of the crackle texture at the end suggests we are nearing the realms of hell. Fun to play through and the MIDI was good on this one 8/10 And with that I’ll be getting pretty behind on this mapset. Flying back home for a while where my priority will be family and friends, not Doom. However, I still plan to finish this up, especially as a sneak peak with IDCLEV tells me I like where the theme is going… As I’m new to this format, is lateposting still desired? I’ll be in the middle when others are on the finishing stretch, and I doubt I’ll have it done by the end of the month, that is, unless most of the remaining maps are as short as Spider Caves! So some of my posts would roll into next month. And when is map 33 played? After map 32 or after map 30?
  5. Horus

    No rest for the living discussion

    NRFTL map 9 is awesome. For me, it is the benchmark for secret levels. Everything about it screams 'fun'. Sadly, too many secret levels try to emulate 'Go 2 It' from Plutonia Maps 5 & 6 on Nightmare difficulty were a wild ride for sure
  6. Horus

    Could someone recommend me some mods and WADs?

    What are your preferences on the types of map that you like?
  7. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    L11 - Spider Caves When I got to this map I was thinking it was going to be a map of arachnotrons with some supporting monsters and a spider mastermind final boss. But as @Demon of the Well points out, the reality is pretty different. Playing this on continuous almost felt like cheating. But at the same time, I've always done continuous and rationalised that if an author wants a map to be only played from a pistol start, the end of the prior level should be a death exit. The map is pretty quick and split up into two parts: a bigger cave and a smaller techbase. The cave lacks detail and is pretty monotextural, save the lava pit in the RK area. Most enemies are the weaker ones, with just one hell knight, one revenant, and a surprise arch vile at the end. It's not a bad level, there's nothing here that frustrated me, but as @gaspe said it is basic and not particularly memorable. Average fits the bill pretty well here 5/10
  8. Horus


  9. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    L10 - Last Hangover We've had some fairly long techbase maps in this set and this map continues on that theme. The first task is to get the shotgun and chaingun from the enemies around the start, easy enough. The red key trap got me the first time - dumbly, I tried to mow down the imps with my chaingun from right in the middle. Next time, I took cover and it was easier, but low ammo still forced me out of cover. Then after that it wasn't so bad, at least until the congregation of barons and HKs by the lava and just before the puzzle nearly got me. Agree with @gaspe that the raising of the lava was a nice touch, triggers to raise liquids isn't something I've seen in many maps (not that I've played loads of maps). I also like secrets that 'preview' areas further on in the map, like the one with a window into the circular lava area with the staircase. I preferred the puzzle on this map to map 08's effort, though I confess despite my efforts I did not manage to get to the soulsphere (my determination only goes so far...!). Did anyone else on this thread manage it? I too found the exit village before triggering the switches that released the rooftop enemies and cyber, which no doubt made it significantly easier than if I made it my final destination. Thanks to the BFG the cyber battle was just as easy as map 8. The spider demon battle was also pretty trivial thanks to the cover. The MIDI was better than map 8 but still not to my taste to be honest. However, the actual level itself I definitely enjoyed more, even if it dragged on a bit longer than I would have liked 7/10
  10. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    L9 - Point of Accident This map seems like a continuation of the theme of L7 rather than L8, albeit with a (lot) more poison. It is also very long, large and detailed map, which makes it all the more impressive that it's a speedmap, to me it looks like it must have taken ages to create (EDIT: looks like this megawad is a mix of speedmaps and non-speedmaps, so I guess this is the latter). Despite all the poison, rad suits are plentiful and not a problem. They felt almost too plentiful, but I'm guessing the rationale is to incentivise the player to explore to try and find all 14 secrets. Alas I'm not that kind of player, and discovered a measly 1/14. Most of the combat is pretty trivial, and rarely did I feel like I was going to die. However, I feel like I got payback at the end of map for not discovering secrets. The final showdown was very hard and my measly 40 plasma was not a great help, even if I did have 200% health. It took me a great many tries to finally clear it. However, if you do get the secrets, they only help you for this map, at the end is another forced death. Up until that final encounter it was an enjoyable map 7/10
  11. Horus

    BorderDoom: Doom + Borderlands gameplay

    Interesting concept @Sunbeam, thanks for sharing!
  12. Horus

    What are you playing now?

    I just finished Requiem. I see what you mean about map 23. Those ghost Nazi SS were real mean. And the two cybers in close quarters too. Then map 24 was mean with ammo. There were still some good maps at the end, I enjoyed maps 22, 25, 29, but there was also a lot of guff (that last city map went on for way too long).
  13. Horus

    Wads you gave up on...

    Yep that was some awful design, I hated that too. I persevered, but only map 24 & 25 were worth persevering for imo. I give up on megawads early where I can see I am not going to enjoy them, Eternal Doom being a prime example.
  14. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    L8 - Symphony of Darox I don't know about symphony, this MIDI was an assault to the ears. Map starts off as hitscanner and imp central, but it's innocent enough. The lost soul trap within the BK door is a nice idea but too easily avoidable. Picking off the 2 Barons and Hell Knight before you get to the RK is frustrating (since I don't use freelook, it's just too risky using the rocket launcher). Not that the RK is necessary because the RK door isn't marked as such (just as it wasn't on map 1). I would have preferred it if the trigger for the crusher was further away - my first death was down to me walking through that area too quickly not realising it was a crusher until it was too late. Nonetheless, the actual puzzle itself is well done, though I would have preferred it if the linedefs were a bit wider to help stop inadvertently triggering it (and the barons on the way back were a frustrating kill too). The YK area was pretty neat. The cyber battle at the end is pretty easy with ample room and BFG ammo. Not my favourite map 4.5/10
  15. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    L7 - Nanotechnology Experiments When I saw 12 secrets I thought this map would be very large, and although its the longest of the set so far its not that long, and most of the monsters come in two teleport traps in the YK and exit area. The latter was a bit lame - the usual massed revenant + arch vile combo (I recommend saving before it, I'm sure glad I did). But the YK trap was fun, trying to clear the demons and imps with the rockets before they closed in too much. The outdoor city was also a nice touch, I gave it a little explore with idclip once I completed the map (I assumed it wasn't one of the secrets). The rest of the map is dark, very dark, and definitely made me pace more carefully around the map compared to the others (that plus the MIDI gave for quite an eerie atmosphere), even though there weren't so many monsters outside of the main two traps. Good map 7.5/10