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  1. Horus

    What mods/wads do you like more?

    Can vote Boom-compatible. Poll valid.
  2. Horus

    Decino getting scammed AGAIN!

    That’s because he is Dutch
  3. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    MAP13 - “The Focus II” by DoomedAce This map fits everything into 1024x1024. Not just the player space, but the monster spawners too. And the player space, bar one room to the east, is a series of 64 unit long corridors seemed designed to bring as much length to the map as possible. Add in the zero secrets, low brightness, hitscanners and hell nobles and you have a frustrating map that’s slow to play. There's also areas less than 64 units wide due to texture/sector decorations which slow the player down. Then in the BK room you have a bunch of revenant snipers that add nothing but time taken to complete the map. Same with the revenant trapped in the rails (more on that later...). Grabbing the YK requires retreading the same ground and the same enemies. And then you return to the BK room only to be faced with an arch vile that you can’t freaking kill (or at least, my shots weren’t dealing it any damage). So I just ignored it. The final section is another area exactly like that in the first half of the map, and ends with a final fuck you chaingunner trap. For me, the worst map so far by a mile. A shame, because some of the preceding maps worked very well with the limited space and made for some very fun to play maps. MAP14 - “House of Shadows” by Psyren Jeez another 64 unit corridor shooter, if the rest of the mapset is going to be like this then it really isn't looking good... You start with the berserk and I initially used it on the hitscanners, but soon you realise that ammo is abundant and it’s a safer best just to mow them down with the shotgun. It’s a very samey map that despite its high monster count is fairly simple except for a couple of close skirmishes with hell nobles. It’s monotextural and lacks the detail of the other maps in the set. The low brightness throughout further enhances this impression. The blursphere hitscanner fight was enjoyable, I will say that. But then we are back to 64 unit corridor shooter and a couple of annoying crushers to boot. Overall, not a terrible map, but not a fun one either. Map rankings:
  4. Horus

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    +++Linguica for Espi award :P
  5. Horus

    voted labour

    Read the article I posted and try again :)
  6. Horus

    voted labour

    Two years old, but relevant given today's result https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/tory-austerity-deaths-study-report-people-die-social-care-government-policy-a8057306.html
  7. Horus

    voted labour

    Just seen the exit poll result :(
  8. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    MAP12 - “Warehouse 667” by shitbag So now we return to the techbases seen in the first few maps, though this map is more of a UAC crate warehouse theme. As seen in other maps, the secrets come in the form of ammo/weaponry to help you get through a low-ammo map. The passage to the BK is fairly high intensity, took me a few tries before I realized the best course of action is to stick to the BK corridor rather than backtracking to the starting area (although TheOrganGrinder's approach seems like an equally good idea). Later on, is a particular nasty chaingunner trap that nearly cost me all my health. Through the next section is a crate platforming section. The arch vile can easily be cheesed through the gaps between the pillars/bars. Map rankings:
  9. Horus

    The 2019 Cacowards

    A great read...as someone who's only really started posting in this community the last few months I did not appreciate the extent of Jimmy's involvement in the community, but having read this I've no doubt he deserves the award. SIGIL as a runner-up is interesting. Eviternity blows SIGIL out the water, but at the same time, without SIGIL, I'm not sure I would have ever played Eviternity in the first place. The vast majority of map Cacowards I haven't played; reading through Remnant and Lost Civilization look particularly interesting. I also played runners-up Alienated and Doom Zero; both quality submissions well worth the mention.
  10. Horus

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    Just finished...what a wonderful article, an engaging read from start to finish, and very well structured covering off Doom's different solo-mapping themes. You say in this thread this took up most of your free time in the last 2 months, I can believe that and surprised it didn't take up longer tbh! That there a bunch of comments saying 'you missed out x' shows the breadth and depth of the history of Doom mapping. It would take an eternity to capture everything and I think @Not Jabba covered the salient points very well And now for a well earned rest I hope!
  11. Horus

    poop balls

    Don't you have something better to do with your life?
  12. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    Good point, I agree it is bad design. In this case though I found it on my first playthrough (spoiler below) so didn't impact my impression of the map
  13. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    MAP11 - “Caco District” by Lutrov71 I expected a city-type map with cacos. I got a city-type map with cacos. Albeit in its own wooden / Plutonia-style. While of course the part the player is in is small, the map does a good impression of showing the scale of the city beyond. It’s a pretty hectic start, with the player needing to get the rocket launcher pretty fast. Ammo is scarcish but manageable if you pick your targets. There’s another megasphere here but unlike MAP09 it actually isn’t overpowered, and is quite useful for the caco swarm and other enemies that follow. Believe it or not, I got stuck on this map and had to consult youtube…I must say I didn’t envisage getting stuck on a 1024 wad. But until I consulted it I didn’t realise what exactly the switch by the arch vile did. Finally, I got the YK and the ensuing battle was pretty meaty…survived only thanks to the revenants and the mancubi infighting. Map rankings:
  14. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    I've played ahead to map 22 and if the maps so far haven't been your style, then I think the following maps will reinforce rather than contradict that viewpoint. That said, I still think there are some maps worth playing (32, 16, 17) No idea on the timing/testing process (perhaps @Szymanski has some info?) but this kind of oversight can easily happen in any mapset (especially if something as big as the yellow key bug on Pharaoh can pass by) Firstly, I assume you know about the secret at the start? If so, then ammo isn't really a problem if you do the level in the 'right' order, by that I mean if you clear out all the revenants and hitscanners in the outdoor area before you proceed to the next area then you probably won't have enough ammo. But if you just kill the arch viles and move on you should be fine
  15. Horus

    Doom QUIZ in PL

    Which map did John Romero start at midnight and finish at 6am? a) E1M1 b) E1M2 c) E4M2 d) E4M6 What is the limit on the number of lost souls on each map? a) 7 b) 14 c) 21 d) 28 Which individual levels of Doom II were split into two separate levels for the Game Boy Advance port? a) Levels 13 and 16 b) Levels 15 and 24 c) Levels 12 and 29 c) Levels 19 and 27
  16. Horus

    What are you playing now?

    Completed Scythe 2. I dreaded the jungle episode, but to be honest it wasn't nearly as hard as I remembered. Gaia's Temple is actually pretty easy for a slaughtermap, a fun BFG blaster. The hell episode was definitely hard though, I really struggled with the Tyson combat of map 26, and I also found map 27 really hard. The final 3 maps were easier by comparison. Overall, I prefer Scythe 2 to Scythe. A really fun mapset to this day, and one that was clearly influential to the big projects of this decade Top 3 maps: L17: Canyon of Blood L19: Withering Away L8: Graverobbers
  17. Horus


    I may have just tried the below URL in case I could get a sneak peek :P https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/2019/ No, it doesn't work yet
  18. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    Ah, no I had Default compatibility on. What's the difference between Boom and Boom (strict)? And out of interest any idea why it would be a death exit on GZDoom Default compat and not on Boom?
  19. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    MAP10 - “Gothika 1024” by shitbag Well as Pechudin forewarned, these maps aren’t pulling any punches anymore. There goes any idea of me completing this mapset saveless. As hinted this map has a gothic theme with marble and metal textures in abundance. It’s another map with a seemingly mandatory secret on pistol start, but again the location is fairly obvious so I didn’t mind. This is the first map to really step up the arena combat, with two tricky skirmishes to start the map. The outdoor red/brown rock area gives a nice contrast to the rest of the map (and I liked the strewn marble bricks), but it leads the player astray as finishing off the monsters here meant I didn’t have enough ammo for the next section. By the time I finished there were 8 enemies still left. Not sure what happened there, either they didn’t teleport in due to a bug or I missed them but couldn’t get back because the YK switches locked me in the outdoor area (in general not a fan of when maps lock you into the exit area and don't allow you to go back). I’m not a hater of death exits but I don’t see the point in one here. The text file already recommends the player pistol starts, I think this is sufficient. Map rankings: Actually, as long as you don't screw up your straferun you can make it to the rocket launcher + ammo and make it back to the safety of the previous room before the archvile can finish its attack. I did this a few times on my playthrough
  20. So you have to complete the map on nightmare pistol start and saveless? Seems like a backward step to me, on Xbox 360 you could play continuous and save on Nightmare Still, many props for getting this far, doing that is something beyond my abilities! I suggest checking this sub- forum out and see if you can find a demo that helps you out https://www.doomworld.com/forum/37-doom-speed-demos/
  21. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    MAP09 - “Monday Morning” by Psyren Well, funnily enough as I post this it is indeed Monday Morning here in the US. This is a corridor map that seems to be structured in a way to increase the longevity of this map as much as possible (or so I thought, until I played further on in the mapset). The cramped spaces and clever use of hell knights give a real tense feel to this map. I didn’t die but was once on 3% health. This makes up for the relative lack of detail compared to the preceding 8 maps. I was really enjoying myself on this map, it was ready to be my pick of the bunch so far. But there’s a huge misstep in my view. I'm not sure I've ever been so disappointed to find a secret in Doom as on this map. The megasphere is WAY overpowered and totally ruins the tension of the map, turning it into a trivial formality. I’m glad I found it later on than where it was actually located, but it still ruined the ending for me Map rankings:
  22. What are you starting map 29 with? Do you still have a map 28 save you can go back to and improve your starting position with? Also, down in the blood pit there is a secret passage to a teleporter that gets to you a plasma gun, and when you teleport out of it, a raised platform with 400 plasma ammo, which is invaluable for the rest of the map. Finally, depending on how good your straferunning technique is, you don't need to lower all three raised platforms to reach the teleporter to the final area.
  23. Horus

    need a lot of wad recommendations

    Up-to-date version
  24. Horus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Congestion 1024

    MAP08 - “A Jagged Stroll” by shitbag Well this map really did a number on me. By far the hardest yet. I can imagine that this map is way easier on continuous. On pistol start, there is basically a mandatory secret, which I would normally complain about, but this secret is so obvious that’s it not really a secret. The second secret (also obvious) was pretty disappointing, only giving 4 shotgun shells. Every little helps on a map like this I guess. So this is a hilly, rocky map that uses a lot of verticality, albeit not to a ridiculous extent like MAP02 did. The first half of the map is relatively serene but once you pass the cave section it gets really hard, with a bunch of strong enemies with not much room to move around at all. The pain elemental really throws a spanner in the works by spawning lost souls when you already low on ammo. In the end, I finished without killing the final hell knight because I didn’t have enough ammo to do so. The double switch at the end is a neat trick to add suspense to the final encounter. I appreciated the challenge of this map after 7 pretty easy maps so far. Map rankings: Good point, I need to start playing ahead too if I have a hope of finishing this by the end of the year (I'm not Dooming after the 17th)
  25. Horus

    Favorite DOOM game

    I actually really enjoyed Doom RPG. But it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t call it my favourite Doom game