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  1. spartacusuvw

    Why does every WAD seem to copy Doom II Level 7?

    1. Tradition =/= always good 2. It gives each WAD less variety when compared to each other. If I want to play map 7, I'll load up Doom II and go to Dead Simple.
  2. spartacusuvw

    Doom II's level design is antiquated

    There's a big difference between non-linear map design and running around a map for ages confused about what to do next. Doom II has much of the former but little of the latter in my view. Modern FPSs have very little of the former.
  3. Just playing through AV now, and to my shock (sarcasm) its level 7 is a copy of Doom II Level 7. I've noticed this on the majority of megawads that I've played. So my question is: why do so many mappers feel the need to do this rather than create an original map? Level 7 variants get boring after a while.
  4. spartacusuvw

    tired of hr style wads

    I'd say Scythe 2 goes overboard on the monster count.
  5. spartacusuvw

    help with master levels menu interface

    And if they want to load individually, they can just type idclev...
  6. spartacusuvw

    Realm667 recruiting Review/News Authors

    ^ Agreed. Always good to have more than one provider of a service, even if it's Doom level reviews we're talking about.
  7. spartacusuvw

    Doom II is actually pretty great :-)

    Only levels 25, 28 and 29 are convincing hell maps IMO
  8. spartacusuvw

    Least favourite Final Doom levels and Master Levels

    For map 27 on my first playthrough I was really disappointed that when you teleported to the outside bit, it ended the level. I reckon it would have been awesome if there was a final battle that took place there. Map 18 is fun though I did get horrendously stuck on my first playthrough.
  9. spartacusuvw

    Least favourite Final Doom levels and Master Levels

    Strange you don't say map 20 then as I would have said map 20 was bigger than map 21. map 18 is quite the beast as well.
  10. spartacusuvw

    Least favourite Final Doom levels and Master Levels

    I don't agree with that viewpoint, DM or not DM you shouldn't be able to complete it so quickly. Besides I don't see map 4 being a good DM map anyway. map 15 didn't have much to it I guess, plus the architecture's quite dull. I don't care so much if they're similar than if they're just lazy copies. Map 4 is a lazy copy of level 26 I admit, but I didn't notice that on my first playthrough (!) so that's why it's omitted. And I liked the 'nowhere to hide' feel of map 15. Map 29 does indeed seem like a hellish level 13, but I would call it sufficiently different from level 13 to avoid the tag 'lazy copy'. Map 27 is mediocre actually, should've mentioned that when saying maps 25-29 are awesome. Map 30 was better than Last Call, but really you're not doing anything different to level 30 in Doom 2.
  11. Following on from yellowmadness's thread, thought I'd create one for the worst levels on Final Doom and the Master Levels TNT Level 4: Too short and so much of the map can be skipped Level 15: Can't explain why I dislike this one, I just do. Level 19: Half-assed level which is really easy and doesn't fit in with Levels 18, 20 and 21. Level 24: This one seems rather half-assed and too similar to Level 23 Plutonia Level 18: Lazy copy of map 14 Level 19: Another lazy map, start copied E2M1 Level 21: Lazy copy of map 11 Level 24: Lazy copy of map 29 Level 30: Disappointing way to end after the awesomeness of levels 25-29. Master Levels NESSUS: Sure it's good as a DM map but on single player it's pretty lame CATWALK: Because of those annoying platforms that raise and lower themselves at the start BAD DREAM: Pointless.wad
  12. spartacusuvw

    Favourite Master Levels Wad?

    I liked Attack, but that was by Tim Willits, not Klie. EDIT: Someone beat me to it, lol
  13. spartacusuvw

    Favourite Master Levels Wad?

    TTRAP (Trapped on Titan) edges it for me. I like the architecture and difficulty of Jim Flynn's maps, and this happens to be one of his maps not so bad on the puzzle front (Mines of Titan for example is an awesome map ruined by switches hidden in such obscure places it is so difficult to find them). The difficulty is just right I'd say and not too difficult unlike Black Tower. VIRGIL is easily my favourite of Sleep's levels on the Master Levels, though MINOS is also a good level. On the other hand Klie's levels I found distinctly average, they seemed half-assed.
  14. spartacusuvw

    How big is your doom folder?

    Very small, only 180MB. That's because I delete WADs after I finish them / get bored of them.
  15. spartacusuvw

    If Doom II had real secret levels...

    Something along the lines of E4M9 style gameplay.