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  1. Heh, first disk defrag on a 300GB harddrive in 6 years, running 3 web browsers and a multitude of other programs. It's been 30 minutes and it's still working on Internet Explorer.

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    2. SavageCorona


      The porn part was a joke. I do uninstall/reinstall/verify games on Steam a lot though, seeing as my hard drive is nearly full and if I installed every single game I own it'd be rather completely full.

    3. Maes


      If your usage patterns include frequent deletions of large volumes of files or writing/deleting a gazillion tiny files, consider organizing your disk into dedicated partitions: an OS partition with stuff that is long-term stable (e.g. serious applications, favorite games, the OS itself etc.) while more volatile or static stuff ends up in other partitions (e.g. video and music collection, game demos/trials, odd applications which mess with the filesystem etc.)

    4. hex11


      Bucket said:

      Porn doesn't require much defragging because you're not editing and rewriting the files.

      But sometimes it requires defagging if you download the wrong porn by mistake.