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  1. Up to you whether or not you believe me. I dream very vividly, but not to the point of exact lucid dreaming to control them, aka I sit and watch my body as a on-rails dream.

    Today, I had a dream.

    My mother and I were on two different sides of a subway platform. It was dark green, and a bit muddy overall. It was my turn to cross over to the other side. To do so, we had to hop over the top of it. I missed the first try and the car flipped over. I had a second try. I missed again. On the third try, the front pilot compartment flipped over onto the side rail. I jumped off and helped flipped it over again.

    I get onto the platform and watch another subway rail from the right smash into the subway train that I just failed to jump over 3 times. I died from the explosion. Even then, I seemed to be a ghost, and watched as my mother cried from the disbelief of the death of her own son. I turn around and there's a good amount of people looking at me, all ghosts who have died from my recklessness.

    I take a few steps towards them and some howls appear from behind us. We turn around, and see some monsters hop over the rails and onto the
    platform, think Metro 2033. We kill them and get a move on. As we're about to descend the escalator, I see my mom sitting at a table across from me.

    Even as a ghost, I'm crying my heart out. I jump over to the other side and confront my mother. She can't sense me, and she's crying. I put my forehead to her's and she looks up for a second. She tells me "I feel like Andrew (my name) just felt up to me. I know he'll be back"

    Then we started our little "adventure" to come back alive again. Our group of 30 or so ghosts turned into 4 survivors, me and 3 others. Our adventures included more monster killing and the such, and helping out a cancer ridden woman in the darkest, most claustrophobic tunnels ever.

    Suddenly, we were in high school again. It's been 10 years as ghosts and we're at school. I look at the wall, and see a little collage my mother put up as a remembrance to my death. I can't help but cry. She's old and frail and still believes that I'll be back.

    The 4 of us for some unknown reason relived high school. I helped others, made friends and event went mountain biking. At the very end, the four of us looked up at the clearing sky. We were back.

    At my house, I quickly ran from my room to the living room and hugged my mother. I was crying like no tomorrow, and she looked at me weirdly. "Andrew why are you crying?" "It's been 14 years since I saw your smile" "What? You went in like 10 seconds ago. What are you talking about?"

    I look at the mirror, at my hands, and wake up.

    17 November 2013

    Ok, side note. I cried. Alot. For some reason emotions in dreams seem to be a lot stronger for me than in real life. I've never loved my mother so hard after today.

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      BloodyAcid said:

      Up to you whether or not you believe me.

      Considering dreams aren't real, I believe you.

    3. Acid


      Maes said:

      BloodyAcid was ghost for 14 years....

      As fast as 14 years could fit into a few hours of rem sleep.

      Maes said:

      No, BloodyAcid. You were the monsters. And then BloodyAcid was a subway car.

      Where are the new super-violent sentient creatures?

    4. Maes


      BloodyAcid said:

      Where are the new super-violent sentient creatures?

      It's the toaster.