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  1. woke up at 6 am, stomach hurts like no tomorrow, been throwing up

    it's been like 5 hours and i still feel like literal garbage

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    2. Marnetmar


      Damn that sucks, sorry to hear.

    3. Springy


      Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon.

    4. Acid


      thanks for the get well wishes - my condition has taken turns for both the good and bad

      after saturday, my fever condition improved considerably, and I thought I was doing fine; later that afternoon I was hit with a case of diarrhea for the next godknowshowmany hours.

      just after falling asleep, I miss school today because I felt terrible. on the plus side, my stomach pains have subsided, but my fever is coming up again and I can't stare at a screen for more than a few minutes before feeling dizzy

      to my family it was a bad case of exam stress with extremely cold weather and bad luck

      now I'm recovered, for the most part, except for some physical fatigue and mild headaches. if sleep does work wonders, I'll be a-ok tomorrow.