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  1. In the process of moving houses to better suit my commute time for school, my family has unearthed many artifacts, so to say, from my childhood. Hoping to make some extra money, and before I go explore the wonders of ebay/amazon/kijiji/etc, I decided to post here on selling things.

    I'll generally be selling very cheap compared to commercial prices, and I'm super open to negotiation. Most of these things are kids toys and things I've outgrown, but everything is in very nice condition and I can post pictures if need be.

    If anybody is interested, you can post here or PM me.

    Lego -> Mostly standard bricks, but over 1000 pieces that I don't mind selling for like $10 or $15
    Bionicles -> Preassembled from generation 1 to 3-4 (or wherever)
    In-line/Ice Skates -> Smaller sizes for kids roughly 6 years old, barely worn once or twice -> $10/20 or so
    Accompanying In-line/Ice skate protective gear (wrist/shin/helmet)
    Puzzles of roughly 1000 pieces (ie, picture of cats etc)
    Old Bakugan (balls that pop open via magnet) toys

    I'm listing this partially off the top of my head, so apologies if some things may seem inaccurate.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!~