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  1. Acid

    Switcheroom: The Forgotten Maps

  2. Cool to see that this thing's still chugging along. Hell, I first made the original topic when I was brand new to DW too and flip-flopped too many times. I think I mentioned this before, but you're free to do whatever you want to my map. I seldom visit the forums, let alone play / mod Doom nowadays, but I will make an exception to finish this wad when it gets released.
  3. For my birthday (which is relatively close to Christmas), my friends got me a Steam copy of the new Doom. My "rig" is an old Lenovo laptop with GT750m, a middle of the pack i7, and an external monitor at 1920x1080. I had to run Doom on low everything, resolution scale 50%, and a 1600x900 resolution to get my 60fps, but still finished the game nonetheless.
  4. Acid

    DOOM - User Reviews

    Um, thanks? Good to know you can make discussion instead of generalizations and understand that maybe not everyone likes DOOM, I really appreciate it.
  5. Acid

    DOOM - User Reviews

    Alright, just finished the campaign on "Ultra-Violence" and I'm a bit disappointed by the game as a whole. I was reading dobu's review of the game, and I think he hit the nail on the head with this tidbit: The first few hours of the game were truly magnificent and downright spectacular; this iteration of the Doom franchise gave the game its needed "umf" factor through upgraded visuals, gameplay mechanics and generally updated game as a whole. For the first few hours. For some weird reason, after the first few levels, the map editors decided to throw away all the mapping prowess they displayed earlier. Interconnected areas and open fields were replaced by linear arena progression; I was genuinely awed by the Doom feeling initially. When I picked up a key, I had to actually backtrack and remember where the keyed door was. When I progressed through the level for secrets and the such, I would end up in new areas. Then it became a drag: arena, hallway, arena, hallway, arena, hallway, arena, wash, rinse, and repeat. As gorgeous the setpieces of the hell environment were, I was actually grieving the terrible "level" design that plagued the second half. A door closes behind you, you slaughter everything, and the door opens again. There was this one hell level in the second half that required two skullkeys (blue and yellow). I thought that I finally had a choice in the level progression - wrong. You are pigeonholed into grabbing the yellow skull (in which the arena where you get the key teleports you back to where you use it - what's the point of having a key?), where you enter a different teleporter that just unlocked after grabbing the yellow key to grab the blue key. Maybe it was just me, but the game was ridiculously easy, even on Ultra-Violence, hence the quotations at the beginning. By the midway point, I would purposely skip powerups in the arenas, but still enter and leave arena fully stocked on ammunition and generally full health/armor. The rune where monsters have a chance to drop BFG ammo also turned down the difficulty: when common mobs can drop handfuls of BFG charges in an arena, it's not even an "arena fight" anymore. The boss fights were also really easy, as infinite micro missiles and practically infinite plasma ammo were always at your side. I'm a bit pained to say it, but the 2016 Doom was really only the "Doom" that I knew and loved for the first few hours. It then became something else reminiscent of a faster, more action-y, model of Dead Space. Perhaps Doom 2026 can fare better. As for the positives, the gameplay was pretty damn fun when it worked out (which unfortunately, most didn't for me). The sound design, music, atmosphere and environmental aspects were amazing, and spot on. -- Perhaps my standards were too high, or I was expecting too much. I personally don't think so, as again, the initial levels were extraordinary. I'm just wondering where that part of the team disappeared to for the rest of the game.
  6. Acid

    Doom Turns 23: No End in Sight

    Congratulations to all! Guess no one's waiting on Panophobia, huh. ;)
  7. Sounds awesome! Due to some stuff coming up, I will have my map submitted by July 10th, I promise.
  8. Since Doom's been out for a while now, I've been seeing some cool Doom related products like figurines, t-shirts and keychains around a few stores. Saw some Pop! Vinyl toys, but the actual toy itself didn't look all that nice. Also found a t-shirt with all the classic Doom I/II monsters in all their pixelated glory piled onto the middle, which looked nice, but I'd have gotten something else at $25 each... Anything cool or quirky that you've guys have found?
  9. I hate eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything about this texture pack. That being said, 2 wip layouts:
  10. Acid


    I know right? Gosh darn a channel with several million subs didn't choose from our list.
  11. Acid

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks really nice and clean Crunchynut44. I think that the LITE5 light ceiling you have in your 3rd shot looks a little bit off to me, but everything else looks great.
  12. Acid

    Baby's First Map

    I'm not sure how context was lost? The context is A: the author's wad, and B: your post, which criticizes the author. You prefaced with your experience in beginning to make maps, and then directly referred to the author using "you" and "your". You talk about your map. Directly after: Here you are talking to the author of the map. Here, I quoted from you, "you know its bad" "if it isn't satisfactory, don't release it!" "make some crap and release it expecting great feedback!" You specifically say "like you" when referring to mediocre crap. Bottom line, I didn't take anything out of context; I only used the lines where you used the term "you" to refer to the map author. Even if started with your experience, you're still insulting the original guy, no? I never altered the original message either. Anyways, I'm done derailing the thread with this useless banter. Sorry untilitdies for moving away from the topic. Godfather38, if you've anything else to retort with, you can PM me. (Also can post hell this OT stuff)
  13. Acid

    Baby's First Map

    This is what I'm talking about. If you mean similar issues as in if you don't think that your project displays poor map design, then that's ironic (and hypocritical). I never said your points were invalid, just that you sound like a complete asshole doing it. I also don't believe that you have the "reputation" as you call it to talk down to or "mentor" someone like this. Quoting you: "make a bunch of mediocre crap like you have" "you know its bad" "if it isn't satisfactory, don't release it!" "make some crap and release it expecting great feedback!" "your skill level" "only hurt your reputation" I don't recall the OP bragging or expecting praise? It's the guy's first map for crying out loud, what reputation is there? That he's new?
  14. Acid

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Ha, that toilet spawner's pretty neat! Did you use a scroll floor/conveyor belt somewhere?
  15. Acid

    Baby's First Map

    Perhaps that's true. Your choice of words leaves something to be desired though, and it's tinged with irony.
  16. Acid

    Baby's First Map

    What a way to stomp on someone, nice.
  17. Acid

    Doom ReBooted (First Project)

    Well, a few thoughts: Spriters: Depends on what you're looking for exactly. If you insist on doing everything with Voxels, I'm not sure why you would still need spriters. On the other hand, there are already some Doom (2016) weapon sprite rips that you could look to use. Texture makers: By texture makers do you mean you want people to either data mine the game (which I don't think is legal), or painstakingly screenshot wall after wall? There are already some decent modern-looking texture packs, like in Legacy of Suffering that you could look for inspiration and resources in. Playtesters & Server Hosts: Easiest part - I think you can go fill out a form or ask a request from some of the dedicated server hosts for this. Usually it's hard for a new modder to find a few decent mappers to tag along, let alone find a full blown team to make new voxels, sprites, write your scripts for you, and then play test it while you yourself are just learning the ropes, but best of luck nonetheless. (also, this is a personal quip, but I really dislike how you said "just like the actual Doom, it will be inspired by Brutal Doom" - that's such a dumb statement, but that's just me.)
  18. Acid

    Favorite Free Browser Game?

    About 10 years ago, I played lots of Artix games like BattleOn and DragonFable. I remember trying to fight for a log in spot on BattleOn. Good time, good times. In more recent years: High Tea Fantastic Contraption, the Monster's Den series. OH, and Flash Flash Revolution :)
  19. Acid

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    When I first started mapping back in like '09 or something, I always thought that I could put my brightness past 255. I'd dump values like 9999 and expect a completely blown out white room, similar to how 0 creates a black room.
  20. Acid

    Doom ReBooted (First Project)

    Though it is a bit dated, I started out my mapping career using this video series. Alternatively, you can visit the Doomworld's very own tutorial subforum, or more specifically, this thread. There are also a bunch more of videos on Youtube or from Googling, but this should be a good place to start. Specifically for "multiple floors", you'd want to look up tutorials on 3D floors. There are already some mods out there that implement double jump (and I think wall climbing/sliding too). The one that comes to mind is Xaser's parkour mod. (As a super aside, I tried writing my own tutorials, but gave up when I swapped computers). (edited for grammar)
  21. Acid

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Just played the last two maps (29 and 30)... It gave me an unbelievable sense of discomfort (in a good way with the environment and set up), and the chills too. Amazing job well done!
  22. Did somebody say "you'll get the resources later"? Great news! I get to continue slacking off!
  23. Acid

    Doom ReBooted (First Project)

    Where to start? Well, some CTF servers on Zandronum already track experience and have a level progression system in place. If you have some prior scripting/programming experience, I don't think that it's too hard to hit the ground running. You might get a feel for ACS looking at the API at http://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS
  24. Acid

    Getting used to texture packs

    Speaking of which, I'm having the damnedest time adjusting to the Quake texture pack for this year's Mayhem session. I've never played Quake before, so to me all the textures are just ... brown. That's about it - I feel like they're mostly small variations of each other, and falls into very niche mapping environments. For example, there are a lot of egyptian themed textures, "brown base" textures, and lots of different grid tilings. I just can't seem to do the textures justice the way I'm looking over the resources.
  25. Acid

    The /newstuff Chronicles #500

    Happy 500th issue of /newstuff Chronicles!