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  1. GreebCables

    The original 16bit-22khz samples from iPhone Doom Classic

    Hey, would you mind reuploading the newsfx zip somewhere please? Stashbox seems to be dead :/
  2. GreebCables

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    You should be able to load it into xcode and compile it as a mac console app
  3. GreebCables

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on editing the iPhone source port of Doom, however many of the images (main menu etc) seem to be compressed in the base.iPack file. Does anyone know how to uncompress or edit the contents of this file? Many thanks.
  4. I've sent Apple an email notifying them of the copyright infringement in Bastards, hopefully they'll investigate
  5. I emailed BoxMedia, the "creators" of Bastards asking them to release the derivative sourcecode under the GPL, this is the response I received: I replied stating that the GPL was not open to interpretation, that when they compiled a new binary they produced a derivative work of which the source must be released and how it was not enough to take their word for it that "nothing had changed" and that, again, the derivative source for Bastards MUST be made public under the GPL. I also mentioned the copyright infringements regarding stealing resources from the Doom and Fistfull WADS as mentioned by the users above... I don't expect I'll receive a reply ;)
  6. Looks like they ripped off the entire WAD :O Have you played it? Are the levels the same too?
  7. Also, is it just me or are the cowboy sprites just former humans from Doom with hats on? :P I would hazard a bet that the link to the original doom source instead of the derivative source was deliberate and they were hoping noone would notice. Might be worth shooting the devs an email but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  8. Expanding the IPA file it looks like they're at least loading resources in a different manner, as the interface images are included in the root folder as png. Regardless, they're making profit off GPL'd source code, the least they could do is honour the license properly.
  9. Considering the zip file is named exactly the same and the provisioning profile in the project is still set to "John Carmack", it's a conclusion I'm willing to jump to.
  10. Also, the game "Bastards" seems to be in GPL violation. Check out the bottom of this page http://www.boxmedia.ro/bastards/ They are clearly simply linking to the original iPhone doom source (http://www.boxmedia.ro/bastards/doomclassic_iphone_v1.0_source.zip) rather than making the derivative source code available. Hmm...
  11. GreebCables

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    Thanks I got it working by installing libsndfile and qualifying some of the namespaces in the .cpp file. Do the textures have to be in PVR format?
  12. GreebCables

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    Hmm I tried running Make and it gave me
  13. GreebCables

    Doom iPhone: base.iPack

    Thanks :) I see there's code to access the resources in the iPack in the code but I hadn't a clue how to put one together for my own images. I wonder what program Carmack initially used to put it together. One question about your program, though, I can't seem to get it to run... I keep getting "./mkpak: cannot execute binary file" error when I try to run it, am I doing something wrong? My linux skills are not the finest lol.