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  1. Sorry, no trash allowed:
  2. TerminX

    Forum captcha broken in Chrome?

    Looks like they're both 15.0.871.0, though they may have been 15.0.870.0 at the time. Tried it without the only extension I use that reasonably could have affected the page display (AdBlock) and it didn't make a difference. Is there anywhere else that captcha is used so I can see if I can figure out what's breaking it here without registering useless accounts in the process?
  3. Selling this to feed my family... yeah, sorta. I'm disabled with a fixed income. When I have free money I tend to collect older boxed games and when things are tight I sell some of them off again. Alluding to any kind of actual starvation is certainly an exaggeration but it's not like there's ever a month where there's more than $100 left over by the time I get another disability check. I just bought my wife a birthday present (a used Wii...) so now some stuff has to go. Also, the kind of people who buy something like this either have a floppy drive somewhere or just want it as a collectible and don't care about actually reading the disks. I thought that much was a given.
  4. You guys are probably right about the price. I set it high because I saw a similar condition copy go for $150 a few weeks ago and some Googling found a thread here where someone had paid something like $274 for one a few months ago so it seemed appropriate. I've lowered it some now. The disks are v1.666. I wish it was v1.1 or v1.2 in near mint condition, though in that case I'd probably be telling my wife and kid they'll be starving as I hold onto it for a decade or so. ;)
  5. I tried to register here earlier using Chromium on Linux followed by a regular Chrome build on Windows and both failed to let me past the captcha, even though I am definitely not a retard and am more than familiar with what a cyberdemon and an imp look like. Tried it in IE for shits and giggles and it worked. :(
  6. ...or tell me what it's actually worth, whatever. Here it is: http://www.ebay.com/itm/120771890312 I know it's rare but it's not something that comes up often enough to get much of an accurate price for it anywhere. I need to feed my family (and buy us cool stuff for that matter :p) so, please, someone take this. Get the guy with the Ferrari and the room full of Doom stuff in here! ;)