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  1. whats going on? every time i go to join a particular server all it does i bring me to the start menu of doom, if im connecting to these servers why aren't i being put in the multiplayer game with everyone else?
  2. Spinesplitter

    Can someone tell me what this issue is with this tetxture?

    Well, tried putting markers in proper position in graphics list to separate flats and textures. Didn't work. I mean it's not a huge deal since the map is already done, I was just adding some last minute detail. But I would just like to know whats wrong so I can learn how to avoid this problem in the future.
  3. Spinesplitter

    Can someone tell me what this issue is with this tetxture?

    GZDoom, and Slade says they are "Graphics" files.
  4. Spinesplitter

    Can someone tell me what this issue is with this tetxture?

    Very true, however I can say without a doubt that this is not a flat. Also, I am new to Slade 3, I came from the old days of using XWE and SLumped but I had to move with the times. So I am not versed on how to import textures to WADs though this program. Here's what I did. .Opened WAD I wanted to add textures to. .Then opened texture WAD I wanted to extract from. .I then highlighted all graphic files in the texture WAD clicking "Copy" afterwards. .I then went to the WAD I wanted to add the textures to, and pressed "Paste". .after pasting the graphic files in, I then highlighted them again and selected "Add to TEXTURE1". Did I do something wrong? I have no idea what I'm doing in this program and I've been editing for over 10 years haha.
  5. Hello everyone, I recently added a bunch of new textures into a map through Slade 3, but for some reason they aren't displaying correctly. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the reason this texture issue is happening. When I add this texture in and view it in Doombuilder 3d view mode, it looks fine, but then when I actually test the WAD it looks like this. I was just wondering if someone could tell me what the problem is. Thanks guys :)! Link to a screenshot below, texture is actually supposed to be a brown brick wall.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a WAD that I have been working on for over a year, its one of my hugest works and all of the sudden, doom builder give me an "Unhandeled exception" error and I can't draw lines or even add things to the map since then without the error popping up and doom builder crashing. it only happens on that one map, and ive even tried reinstalling doom builder. What can I do? this problem has stop my development in it's tracks and all I have to do is add a red key and its done!!!!!!
  7. Ok, so I got the Wadseeker issue fixed I believe, but I'm still getting no response from any of the servers.
  8. "Target directory is not set, is invalad or cannot be written to. Please review your configuration and/or refer to online help available from the Help Menu." That's the entirety of the Wadseeker error. I don't see how that's possible cause I have a folder set already. How can an empty folder be invalid or unable to be written into?
  9. Hello everyone, been a while since I posted but I'm having a really hard time figuring out this issue. So today I decided to delete my old Zandronum and Doomseeker files and start anew. I downloaded the newest Zandronum with the included Doomseeker. I boot it up, update it, configure my executables and my IWADs and file paths, and am ready to play....but I can't. My Doomseeker application only shows about 4 active severs, 2 of which are locked and password protected, in a non-filtered server list. All others are showing either "No Response" or "refreshed too early". On top of that, my Wadseeker isn't working. I go to download the required WAD for one of the very few open and working servers to choose from, and I get an error message saying "Wad Seeker isn't working correctly." I just wanna play multiplayer Doom online again, I haven't in like a year. All applications are updated and are their newest versions, I just downloaded them today from the official Zandronum website. I have my IWADs and executable engines set. I have my file paths set. What's wrong? It's very strange that I cannot find any solutions to any of these issues anywhere. I read some where to try and turn off you firewall and allow inbound and outbound connections from anywhere. I tried it, still no luck. I never used to have these problems. Can someone help? Maybe there's something really simple that I'm forgetting or overlooking. Beat's me if I know what it is though.
  10. Spinesplitter

    Doom architecture

    The architecture at the hotel I was in in PA had this square theme thing going on. It looked like vanilla doom in that piece.
  11. I see what you're saying but I just think it would be cool to see their take on the usage of zdoom capabilities.
  12. oh yeah i forgot about that.
  13. I think it would be a very good idea. I think that more would be turned on this great game that way. Kinda like in "Knee Deep in Zdoom" kinda thing only a new official sequel.
  14. Spinesplitter

    Tell Me Your Dream Weapon for Doom

    What would be an awesome weapon you would put into Doom if you knew how to make one for it? Or what is the coolest weapon you have created and used? I once made a replacement for the shotgun that was a wand that set enemies on fire but I lost it a long time ago.