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  1. VERY Nice work! Would love to play this co-op. any chance you could add playerstarts and eliminate co-op traps?
  2. Nice mapset very vanilla-isch. love it! But a Megawad sould also be playable coop IMHO. Could you add playerstarts and also avoid coop traps in your maps please?
  3. Thank you for putting in coop starts! Love to play this coop with a friend :)
  4. Holy crap! This is just AWESOME!!!! No Coop Playerstarts unfortunately. Any chance you could make these maps coop-playable?
  5. In deed VERY detailed and evil-ish. Love your design. Can we expect a full episode? Also could you add coop player starts and check the maps for coop traps please?
  6. saski

    [release] Bond of hatred

    *EDIT* Never mind. Seems my VPN connection was the culprit. Downlaod works now :) Nothing happens actually when trying to download the zip with chrome. So I used wget in order to get more information on what went wrong: wget http://www.windward.dk/Doomstuff/bondhate.zip --2020-11-05 19:44:05-- http://www.windward.dk/Doomstuff/bondhate.zip Resolving www.windward.dk... Connecting to www.windward.dk||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 406 Not Acceptable 2020-11-05 19:44:05 ERROR 406: Not Acceptable. Seems that the http download request is denied for some reason :(
  7. saski

    [release] Bond of hatred

    I cannot download this map
  8. Exiting and detailed map. This begs to be played cooperative. Could you add this, please?
  9. saski

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    @Gifty is there any chance you could provide the acs sources? I'd like to make this run on my doom engine but my acs implementation is incomplete right now. Thx
  10. @Scuba Steve Thank you for explaining. This makes sense since writing decorate for all sprites sure is painful - however easy to read. Since the sprite metadata header is 40 bytes I thought the empty sprite files would hole a litte additional meta info than just dimensions and offet since they are larger but aparently they don't. Anyway great and amazing looking work! :)
  11. I took a closer look at the pk3 content and I wonder why the original sprite dimensions and offsets are stored in SPRITES/ . Aren't there easier ways of doing that like using PNG chunks "grAb" to store image offsets inside the png itself or simply to use DECORATE to supply dimentions and offset for every sprite? @Scuba Steve could you elaborate on why you choose that solution? Did the SPRITE/ solution worked OOTB for gZDoom or did the developer make special modifications for that?
  12. @hidfan @Scuba Steve Thank you guys for all the great work
  13. You may know all this but according to https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_ZIPs_as_WAD_replacement subdirectories in HIRES is not defined and ZDOOM might not find the sprites or tags them wrong. Further more the sprites in this project have no offset. Original sprite lumps store offset coordinates to place the sprite at correct x/y(z) position. ZDoom can use those offset coordinates in PNGs. The offset for the sprites in this project should be 2* offset x/y of the low res sprites. Otherwise the engine puts the sprite at the wrong position (see screenshot).