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  1. Screenshot showing wad selection button http://db.tt/zM79NSvM
  2. I've also been playing this for the past week or so. Freggin' amazing work ! The controls feel better than on id's official iPhone port. Recently switched to Android from iOS and was kinda bummed I couldn't find a decent doom port, then here comes Touch Doom. Works great on both my Nexus 4 & Nexus 7.
  3. Currently playing through DTWID on iPod touch using the Gameception App http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gameception/id532245574?mt=8 !! Great stuff .. (AV was a little tough with the limited controls) I'm pretty busy with work and other commitments at this point, the iPod is a nice way to get my Doom fix on the go !
  4. @Phml Obviously a mouse and keyboard is best, my personal preference for controls is: left stick = forward, back, strafe. right stick = turning (fire in the upper right). I also go into settings and set "ramp turn" to OFF. Takes a little getting used to :)
  5. Nate came through faster than a speedrun and fixed the Dropbox issue !! Currently blasting through Alien Vendetta on my ipod touch !! Outstanding !!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, glad to know it's being worked on :) I'll wait, unfortunately I can't use iTunes as I run Debian Linux. Although Gameception is cool enough I may have to wrangle with Windows in a VM or try and get iTunes to work with WINE. ;)
  7. Well I can't get download .wads from Dropbox because I get the error: only a limited set of users can receive access tokens while this app is in development mode WTF ?? So I just paid .99 for Freedoom !! Any ideas Doom fans ? I've contacted the dev "Nate" asking for a resolution. Normally when you open a file within the Dropbox app on iOS it give you an option to export the file (in this case a .wad) to an app you have installed. I assumed that's how it would link to Dropbox, not sure why the dev didn't just do it that way !? I'll keep you posted ..
  8. That is amazing !! Just blasting each other for shortcuts !!
  9. Seeing all the AV posts has me playing it again !!! I do have to tone down the difficulty a bit ;)
  10. Wasn't sure where to post this.. but the new version of Doom Rougelike has been released over at http://doom.chaosforge.org !! Comes with high quality music and sound effects ! I've been playing the tiles version on #!Crunchbang Linux over the past few days.. it's pretty awesome. Nice change of game play style still within the realm of the "Doomverse" Check it out
  11. ^^ THIS Happy Birthday DOOM !! Looking forward to many more years to come !!
  12. ^^ I second this !! My son and I like to listen to Steve Rot's Doom Tribute Albums and this is an awesome addition to our Doom music collection. Thanks Again !! :D
  13. Shazam !! Works with the -warp cmd :) .. thanks !
  14. N:\chocolate-doom-1.6.0-win32\chocolate-doom.exe -nomonsters -iwad doom.wad
  15. Maybe I'm just missing something but the -nomonsters command line argument doesn't seem to work in Chocolate Doom. I've tried it on multiple versions of choco, tried on Windows and multiple Linux Distros... no dice. I could use -skill 0, but then there's no keys.