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  1. GooberMan

    Bands you love and hate

    The good: NIN - Reznor is a music God. Marilyn Manson - He probably wouldn't be anywhere if his song writing partner Twiggy Ramirez wasn't in the group, but together they write some good songs Tool - Its not enough, I need more (new album in April, yeah!) Nirvana - Is there a rocker out there that does not like Nirvana? Frenzal Rhomb - Aussie punk band, pretty good too. Bloodhound Gang - Crack me up every time. Smashing Pumpkins - Two words: Siamese Dream. Powderfinger - Another Aussie band, excellent songs. The Bad: Manufactured pop bands - from the people who brought you Britney Spears and N-Sync.... The Ugly: Limp Bizkit - Get rid of Fred Durst and they might make it in to the good, they do have some pretty good tunes if you take away the lyrics. Hole - I haven't met a Nirvana fan yet who likes Courtney Love.
  2. Perhaps that would be a good idea for a mod, but I couldn't see that being a full price retail game that people have high expectations for... the plot would go almost nowhere once you get playing the game (it'd be like Quake 2's plot: set it up, give you goals during the game, and big battle right at the end of it). If the ua-corp.com domain name registering is anything to go by, id are fleshing out the rather lacking-in-detail universe that is Doom. What they do after fleshing it out is anybody's guess (although it has been revealed part of it will take place on Mars - UAC again I should think). Where will it go from there? Hopefully pure surprise (I wasn't expecting the ending to Half-Life but it was the most satisfying ending to any game I had ever played). Speculation is great, it's a good way to get some mod ideas for when the game comes out, and that idea sounds great for a new Generations/SOG type mod.
  3. GooberMan

    Doom textures in Doom2

    Back when Doom 2 first came out, there was a file going around called DOOM1-2.WAD which contained all the "missing" textures from Doom 1 in it. I no longer have this file with me, it is on a CD with my father who lives bout 700 miles away. I haven't checked cdrom.com for this file, but there's a possibility it'll be on there (zipped of course).
    Dear above commenter, Have you considered contacting the author about your problems? A modernised version (pending a proper re-release) can be found at https://drive.google .com/file/d/0BwyzBGI W1RhvSGV6TjQ5N09pNkE /edit?usp=sharing (4 star average right now, voting 4 to maintain rating)
  4. GooberMan


    @the bullshit smeller: Google "Arrandale". They made i7 Dual Cores for the laptop market. l2tech. But as for a review? Good atmosphere. Great visuals. Wasn't too fond of the gameplay. 3/5