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  1. I've been secretly picking up an editor every two years or so and working on a map since then. My next burst of creativity should be at the beginning of 2012. And I might be able to release it in time for Doom's 20th anniversary.

    It's a fairly modest map that can be expanded to a grand hub, but aims to recreate a familiar map in a unique way and feel like a scripted map without actually writing a single line of ACS.

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    2. Shaikoten


      Remember when I quit mapping?


    3. Use


      Bucket said:

      I know how you feel. I haven't so much as touched an editor in a year. I'll be moving furniture for two weeks - but afterward, things might settle down enough to start up again.

      DTWID wants you!!

    4. GooberMan


      Ed said:

      I quit mapping once, maybe twice. It's like breaking up with a girlfriend. As soon as it's over, you realize everything great about it .

      I only pick it up as a break from other game development. It's both a simpler and a more abstract way of laying down an idea. And since my day job is game programming, I made the decision to do Doom mapping without resorting to programming. For a change.