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  1. Some of you here must be locals, and I'll be moving there in a month or so for a new job. Just outside of Helsinki. I plan on jetting about all over Europe, but I might as well see what the country has to offer.

    Already checked out Suomenlinna while I was over there earlier this month, and a couple of guys I know over there have already shown me a few good drinking holes.

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    2. TwinBeast


      Yea, all those teens just go sit somewhere, smoke cigarettes and spit on the ground and have contests who can make the biggest pool of spit between their feet.

      Makes a spitting impression:
      *Ph'nglurr mglrrw'nfhrrgghh RlRlRlRl'lllyeh fhrrr'tagn.. Cthuuu-lhuuu! mmglwh ngll*

      I think it would be more interesting to have a spitting contest on distance or accuracy or both.

    3. Janizdreg


      Very nice, sounds like you've received a textbook introduction to the local culture. I hope you enjoy your stay!

    4. KiiiYiiiKiiiA


      Killing hordes of pesky invading soldiers from places generally south and east seems to be a thing in Finland. I figure it must be some sort of initiation into Finnish manhood. Like a Finnish Bar Mitzvah or something.