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  1. So, to unwind after my 12+ hour work days (and because I can't get to sleep straight away), I load up some multiplayer games at home on my Xbox/PS4 and murder some virtual avatars.

    Last night, I grabbed the Win10 update for the Xbox One. Decided to download Doom 360 and give it a bash as a result (fairly smooth, but it's not the most demanding application). I looked for a random game, and joined someone starting up a match on E2M1. Not the best map for deathmatch, all the weapons are in the first 1/3 of the map so if you can control them you control the map. I did spawn right near the mega armor though, so that was a huge leg up for me. So I race back, pick off health with the pea shooter, die a few times, and finally get myself the shotgun.

    That's when the fortunes changed for my opponents.

    The map ended, 20 frags to me. I had only died five times, and the next highest scorer was on 5 frags.

    They left the lobby immediately after, so I looked for another random game and wound up in the same lobby with them. Looked at their gamer cards. Then looked at mine and checked the reputation. Of the 4 people I had met on XB360 Live on the Xbox One, one of them gave me a bad rating.

    Negative rating for being unsporting.

    Did lol.

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    2. Tritnew


      Seriously? People can give others bad ratings? God Damnit Xbox.

    3. Maes


      The funny thing is that many of the things that article Gooberman linked to calls "spoilsport" attitudes, are actually considered a staple of being "competitive", "pretty damn good", "1337 pr0 fux0r g4mer", "pro", etc.

      They are the online equivalent of the macho, sexist taunts that are yelled between football teams, and in fact, in many competitive sports, including "cyber athletics", the attitude one has inside as well (perhaps more importantly) outside of the "arena" is considered important and part of the whole package. More Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, less Kung Fu Master.

    4. Johnatone


      Oh yeah, I'd just abuse this system; more reason to stay off Xbox and stick with PS4 I guess. I've been guilty here lately of reporting the hell out of campers and the truth is, I'm not even sure everyone I report is guilty of it; I'm probably just salty at getting my ass handed to me (but FFS, I've been unemployed for 75% of the last year and put 10+ hours a day into PvP, how am I still not kicking ass and taking names? I guess I just suck. Truth.) I've just been super disgruntled with the modern console kiddies as of late. I keep thinking with the amount of reports I've sent that at some point it'll come back to haunt me; plus I'm convinced they don't really monitor the reports. Still, I hope I fucked up some people's day with a temporary ban. Because I'm a dickhead.

      The article didn't really explain it and I don't own an Xbox, but what's to prevent a large group of people from simultaneously rating a person negatively to fuck up their reputation when it isn't warranted? In the age of people sending hate mobs online to fuck up people's day, I could see this happening. Or a whole clan turning against one of their members and plotting against them? People online have been rather sociopathic as of late.